The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Toronto, ON, CA
Rogers Centre
Show Report
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15 May, 2017
Can't wait, but please fix Credit Card e
Seeing the Seattle set list I can only hope Toronto is similar. Bad...please, please, please. I am looking forward to this concert but also please please please fix the credit card entry issues that plagued Vancouver before getting here. Can't miss out on the outside while amazing is happening on the inside.
09 May, 2017
Can't wait for a June 23 - Toronto
We have seen each tour since early 80's. We were at Toronto show in 1987, at Exhibition Stadium for Joshua Tree Tour. BONO's arm was in a sling as he had fallen off stage at an earlier show. They were phenomenal. I can't believe it is 30 years later and we are seeing this tour again. So excited. My husband and I have been married for almost 31 years and have seen every tour together - in Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo. Our kids grew up with U2 and have attended a few shows with us. My daughter and her boyfriend are coming with us again on June 23!! We can't wait to see the BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE again!!!
26 April, 2017
Like a Dream
I can't wait to see you guys in Toronto at the Rogers centre. I just saw the experienced tour not to that long ago and it was a fantastic show. I never thought I would see you again so soon. When the JT tour was announced I just thought I have to be there. It's like a dream to me that I am once again going to experience the JT tour now that I'm a lot more experienced. It's going to be even more fun the second time around. See you all there.
14 April, 2017
Brazilians in Canada...
Im going to marry June 19th and travel to Toronto with my wife and a couple of friends to visit Canada and to see U2's TJT concert! It's coming!!! I can't wait!!! Love this band and their music...
11 February, 2017
Its a life event for our family!!
Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, we are excited to see you at Rogers Centre with almost our entire family - brothers, kids and everyone :-). The last show I watched was at Rose Bowl stadium ( picture above). I grew up as your fan when I was in teens. Now my kids who are in teens will be watching your show with me. Its going to be a beautiful moment and we are waiting each day for this big day to come. My teen age kid is all set to prepare a U2 banner as well. We got seats quite close to the stage. So yes, Wohoo!! All that you can't leave behind..... I see so much around, but I only see U2 show to look forward to. :-)
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