The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Dublin, IE
Croke Park
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25 May, 2017
A dream becoming reality
It has always been my dream to see u2 live in their hometown!!On the 22nd July it becomes a reality!!!
21 May, 2017
A dream come true!
Coming from the USA to see U2 play in Dublin!!! I will be able to cross this off my bucket list!! So excited to see you play in Dublin!! I have seen you play 3 times in the states. Seeing you in Ireland will be such an honor! Can't wait!!
18 May, 2017
Dublin again!!
This 22nd July will be our second time we see U2 live in Croke Park from Spain. First time in 2009, the ambient in the city was amazing. Hope next will be the same or even better. U2 go home
16 May, 2017
Counting the days
Counting the days till we get to see u2 in Croke park, my ultimate dream come true.....
13 May, 2017
Dreams do Come through!
Bringing my daughter to see lovely U2 in Dublin, a life long dream. Just a perfekt birthdaygift to us both. /Maria & Sophia - Stockhom
10 May, 2017
Can't wait
It's a dream for years to see you in Dublin and...yeahhhh, now it's gone happen. Boys..wish you a amazing and safe tour. See you in Dublin and Amsterdam
04 April, 2017
where did those 30 years go :)???
Can still remember that sunny day in Croker that turned on my U2 switch, and its never been off since then...........#1 band on the proud of these guys...........roll on LA, London, Amsterdam, Rome......but playing in our home town is always so special............yee haaaaaaaaa...bring it on.........
03 April, 2017
to good to be true
Yoshua tree back in 1987 was going to be my first U2 gig ever, but unfortunately I didn't get tickets then. So I'm more than happy to see them this time in Dublin (and Amsterdam 1 week later). I will be going with my daughter, who is already as much of a fan as I am. Can't wait!!!!!
24 February, 2017
Life long dream come true!!
I live in the US and saw the original Joshua Tree tour when I was 16. Since then it has been my dream to see U2 play in Dublin, #1 on my bucket list. I was planning a trip to take my son on for his high school graduation and we had picked Ireland. Then I found out that U2 would be playing in Dublin ON MY BIRTHDAY and KNEW this was meant to be!!! Got us 2 tickets and I am BEYOND excited!!!!
09 February, 2017
Dublin we are comimg
we are three friends from switzerland and we have tickets for DUBLIN!!!! Only great! We are so happy.
Bep Phelps
31 January, 2017
We are coming to C U from the US and Hol
I am Dutch, live in the US, saw you guys in Vancouver the first 2 concerts in 2015, and now with my brother, sis in law and nephew going to see you guys in Dublin, I am so stoked!
28 January, 2017
From Holland
Finally I can hear "Red Hill Mining Town". Specially from Holland to hear this after 30 years
25 January, 2017
Cherry you dance with me turn me around tonight.....TAKE ME HIGHER! ManĂ¹ from Italy
22 January, 2017
Eland Road hot summer July day,in my teens to see the lads from home. The Hazey tree on stage..WOW I was converted thirty years have passed. And never missed a tour,here we go again leaving on a jet plane from New Zealand.back to Dublin,after I've done LA,seems like I'll be always broke, Have to see that tree again,A3 Arena was good but love them there out doors To all you mad fans like me lets get old together see soon Lads see if you can spot my Kiwi flag .....
21 January, 2017
Texas will represent!
Having seen the boys in the early 80s (October tour) at Cardi's, a tiny club in Houston, Texas, and every club, theater, arena and stadium tour in Houston since, I'll finally cross off a U2 Ireland show from my Bucket List. I lucked out scoring a single ticket at Croker during the fan presale. I'm still hoping for a second Croker show.
20 January, 2017
3 Decades On
Was in both Croke Park and Pairc Ui Chaoimh 30 years ago. Was depressed I couldn't get tickets for Dublin last time but have them now for July.
19 January, 2017
second chance
I'll be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE ME HIGHER. Thanks guys for all of this .
18 January, 2017
Surprising My Mom with a trip to Ireland
So excited to surprise my mom for her 80th birthday in a few months. I was lucky to get 2 tickets in the handicap section for her. Her first concert ever was U2 in NY. She was born in Ireland and hasn't been back in many years, so this should be an amazing trip!! =)
17 January, 2017
My first time in Ireland, my 5th Concert with U2. Can't wait. Yahoo :-D
17 January, 2017
Second Night
Seriously lads, do a second night.
16 January, 2017
first saw u2 croke park 1987 amazing. can't wait til july 30 years on
16 January, 2017
Looking forward to it. With my daughter all the way from Holland to visit Corke Parc. Can''t wait
16 January, 2017
Didn't get tickets. Dream gig. Would love if all us disappointed fans rented a park in Dublin with a cinema screen played Rattle and hum. That would be a great show in its own right.
15 January, 2017
Cologne football stadium
I saw them in the cologne football stadium when they were on the Joshua tree tour, amazing day. Looking so forward to seeing them in Crome park on the 22 July. I have seen them on every tour since 1978.
ballynoe beetle
15 January, 2017
Got my tickets for croke..! Roll on july!
14 January, 2017
Caught the original Joshua Tree tour in Toronto as a gift from my older brother. Bono belted out the hits with his arm in a sling after separating his shoulder! Fast forward to 2017 and I have returned the favor to my brother and scored him 2 tickets for the Vancouver show. Me...I am joining you all at Croke for my dream show. Emotional high. Thanks U2!!!
14 January, 2017
Rick Sanderson
Looking forward to seeing the boys in Dublin! Representing Canada!!!
14 January, 2017
My first show in Ireland. I want to cry about the emotion, I can't believe it ...: D
12 January, 2017
Dublin 2009 was great. Super excited at the thought of going there again for this tour!
12 January, 2017
Best birthday ever
I was 15 when I saw them forJoshua Tree Tour in Los Angeles...seen every tour since!!! Dublin has been on my bucket list! To see them 3 days before my even more special!
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