The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Dublin, IE
Croke Park
Show Report
Show report coming soon


16 January, 2017
first saw u2 croke park 1987 amazing. can't wait til july 30 years on
16 January, 2017
Looking forward to it. With my daughter all the way from Holland to visit Corke Parc. Can''t wait
16 January, 2017
Didn't get tickets. Dream gig. Would love if all us disappointed fans rented a park in Dublin with a cinema screen played Rattle and hum. That would be a great show in its own right.
15 January, 2017
Cologne football stadium
I saw them in the cologne football stadium when they were on the Joshua tree tour, amazing day. Looking so forward to seeing them in Crome park on the 22 July. I have seen them on every tour since 1978.
ballynoe beetle
15 January, 2017
Got my tickets for croke..! Roll on july!
14 January, 2017
Caught the original Joshua Tree tour in Toronto as a gift from my older brother. Bono belted out the hits with his arm in a sling after separating his shoulder! Fast forward to 2017 and I have returned the favor to my brother and scored him 2 tickets for the Vancouver show. Me...I am joining you all at Croke for my dream show. Emotional high. Thanks U2!!!
14 January, 2017
Rick Sanderson
Looking forward to seeing the boys in Dublin! Representing Canada!!!
14 January, 2017
My first show in Ireland. I want to cry about the emotion, I can't believe it ...: D
12 January, 2017
Dublin 2009 was great. Super excited at the thought of going there again for this tour!
12 January, 2017
Best birthday ever
I was 15 when I saw them forJoshua Tree Tour in Los Angeles...seen every tour since!!! Dublin has been on my bucket list! To see them 3 days before my even more special!
12 January, 2017
I was in the stands the last time u2 played Croker, I hope the sound is better this time.
11 January, 2017
We are coming and we are going to enjoy every sec of it!!!!
11 January, 2017
This time in their home town ....
From Rome (my home) to Dublin. I managed to get a brilliant ticket at Croke Park and seeing U2 live in Dublin has been my lifelong dream. This summer is going to be a special one! Thanks U2 and - you are the best. :) Sarah, Rome, Italy
11 January, 2017
During the Leaving Cert !
Went in 1987, was sitting the Leaving Cert in Mount Temple at the time, heard the rehearsals while sitting one of the exams from the gym ! Went on Saturday and listened from my bedroom window to the Sunday gig while studying for Applied Maths! Fantastic memories - what a gig, hope I can get tickets this year, haven't been able to get any for the past few years.
11 January, 2017
Got mine
See you all in Dublin folks.
11 January, 2017
Hometown GiG
Have my 4 tickets roll on the summer
11 January, 2017
This will (hopefully) be my 7th concert in Dublin to see the best band in the world
11 January, 2017
I'll be there !!!
Got my tickets !!! Can't believe I'll make it there this year ! And for *this* gig around The Joshua Tree!! Too good!
11 January, 2017
1, 2, 3... 14!!!
Got my tickets for me and my friends in less than 5 minutes total, no problems getting through the pre-sale process whatsoever. Smooth like it should! Thank you for doing all this for true U2 fans!
10 January, 2017
u2 dublin 2017
2 years after 3arena show will beamazing again......i hope ai get the tickets......god help me
10 January, 2017
30 years how time flies
Best concert I ever seen, and really looking forward to seeing them again in croker.
10 January, 2017
Was at Croke Park the last time the band played there. Best concert ever. Great venue.
10 January, 2017
Trip Through Your Wires
Thank U for letting me back into your country!
10 January, 2017
Well, This Concert Will Be So Cool, I Have Been At every, Yes Every U2 Concert,In ireland, London, Usa, Canada(Toronto), i Seen U2, as they were called other names before u2, well i seen,in croke park, the two weekends u2 played in slane castle, so many years ago, well that was one of the enlighten, been re-born, as this one now , 30 years the greatest irish group band, the best in the world, yes U2 back playing. I Believe that this will not be the last concert, there will be more, as all irish, all people around the world,want more U2..
10 January, 2017
i wish
I really wish my wife gets the tickets, never been to Ireland, and never seen u2 live, i want my dream too come through :-)
10 January, 2017
U2 Live
I was there too in June 1987 and Cork in August of that same year.
10 January, 2017
Back To Croker
Looking Forward The Concert .... Back Home In Croke Park....Bring It On
10 January, 2017
30 years ago when I was 17, I couldn´t see them in Madrid with Joshua Tree. Right now, with 47 it´s going to be possible!!!!! Thank you forever!!!
09 January, 2017
Two bands in one.
My dad's favourite band is U2, and mine is Oasis. Could this concert be more perfect?
09 January, 2017
Crocker 2017
Can't wait I was there 30years ago, my god where has the time gone ,hopefully i will get tickets for this gig
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