The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Sao Paulo, BR / Morumbi Stadium
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01 August, 2017
living life int the best way I could
Very happy to be able to go to the show of my favorite band again. After two years fighting against a serious illness, besides the cure I also wished I could have the opportunity to watch a U2 concert again. Thank God this will be possible! I love you guys!
21 July, 2017
From RJ to SP only to be with you
My tickets arrived here a few seconds ago!I'm going to SP with my Friends to see U2! It's a dream come true!!!!
21 July, 2017
My tickets arrived here a few seconds ago!I'm going to SP with my Friends to see U2! It's a dream come true!!!!
19 July, 2017
The Dream
I went to the last show of U2 in Brazil and, undoubtedly, was one of the happiest days of my life. On October 21 I return to the same stadium, accompanied by the woman of my life, to live again an indescribable emotion. I hope this is even better, making me feel in my skin the vibration and shivers that only U2 can cause.
18 July, 2017
Good Night U2, we Brazilians are very happy to welcome us to the closing of this wonderful Turne of TJT 30 years, but I would like you to play here Until The End Of The World, Movie Rattle and Hum, and that our beloved BONO will be released more as it has always been in the other Turnes, because I am finding very caught PS. Here in Brazil is sure to be the same BONUS as ever !! # U2forever
17 July, 2017
I stayed in the two last U2 shows in brazil and the song So Cruel didn´t play. I will love if this song will be presented at the October 21 show. This song has a beautiful lyrics. Thanks for attention.
22 June, 2017
Every Breaking Wave
I love this song very much! This is a very special song for me. Thanks U2!
21 June, 2017
Please Brazilian fans beg for the best band in the U2 universe to add a single song to be presented at the October 21 show at the Morumbi stadium in Brazil. The song Every Breaking Wave. Please give this one to the Brazilians in love with the band. Thank you so much for being there and giving us the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful show.
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