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23 February, 2018
So close, yet so far...
We're missing U2 in Denver, Colorado. I+E tour came for two nights and it was a great show! We missed out on Joshua Tree. Hope you guys join us and bring E+I to the Mile High City!
18 December, 2017
Dream U2 2018 Setlist
Having seen multiple U2 concerts every tour for 30+ years, and putting a little thought into it, here's my dream setlist (in order!) for the upcoming Tour. Curious everyone's thoughts! Setlist: The Blackout / American Soul / Until the End of the World / Unknown Caller / Gone / Desire / Ordinary Love / Vertigo / Please / Electric Co / Angel of Harlem / Beautiful Day / Gloria / Bad / Elevation / Breathe / I Will Follow / Walk On. Encores: Get Out of Your Own Way / Where the Streets Have No Name / Kite / The Fly / Lights of Home / Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Thought process: Five songs from the new album. Dust off two great songs each from NLOTH, Pop, and Rattle & Hum. Add in Gloria, Walk On, Kite, The Fly and Until the End of the World. I'd argue Until the End of The World competes with Streets for best live u2 song. When that song was the third song in the setlist in the All That You Can't Leave Behind Tour, the audience was in a frenzy the rest of the night every time. Only two Joshua Tree songs but the band is just coming off the tour playing the whole album. if the band wants to mix it up, they could substitute in Staring at the Sun for Please occasionally, or Mysterious Ways for The Fly, Out of Control for I Will Follow, One for Still Haven't Found, for example. Ready to rock in 2018!
06 December, 2017
Tickets came today
Could I be any more excited? Now the question is, do I get the belly dancing costumes back out...... Hmm........
28 November, 2017
Love Is All We Have Left -..............
Love Is All We Have Left Nothing to stop this being the best day ever Nothing to keep us from where we should be I wanted the world but you knew better And that all we have is immortality Don't close your eyes Love and love is all we have left A baby cries on a doorstep Love is all we have left Love and love is all we have left You argue because you can't accept Love is all we have left Now you're at the other end of the telescope Seven billion stars in her eyes So many stars So many ways of seeing Hey this is no time not to be alive Love and love is all we have left A baby cries on a doorstep Love is all we have left Love and love is all we have left The only thing that can be kept Love is all we have left
28 November, 2017
Tulsa will be lit!!!
Looking forward to seeing you guys in Tulsa. I've been a fan for over 35 years and this will be my only 2nd concert. Looking forward to many more!
21 November, 2017
'The Blackout' has to be the opening song for the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour. Would love to see a backing orchestra as well.
19 November, 2017
The one
Hey Mullen jr. Hit those drums when you come to the Netherlands
16 November, 2017
U2 back in T-Town only took 36 years
Bono you need to play BAD in Tulsa my favorite song. Been following you guys all over the country and a Paris. Now your in my town. Love the old songs play 40, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Beautiful Day, Where the Streets Have No Name, Angel Of Harlem, Veritigo. I was in Los Angeles Forum show when Dennis Sheehan Passed away. That was a special concert that set list was remarkable. Open this tour with that set list. Tulsa will love you. See you May 2.
14 November, 2017
Finally a U2 show with less than an eigh
Thanks for coming to Tulsa! "PLEASE" & "MOFO" full band versions! bring them back! Those are songs of experience! Also "Cedarwood Road" and "One Tree Hill" should be on every set! I know you are asking for requests that's why I'm offering! :)
13 November, 2017
No Texas Dates
Hard to believe you guys are ignoring Dallas, Houston, & Austin for this indoor tour. I know you were in Dallas & Houston with the Joshua Tree Tour, but you were in NY, LA, Boston, & Chicago too, and are playing there as well. What a shame.
13 November, 2017
What's up with these dates
This is a weird schedule. And only 2 Saturday nights announced so far. What up?
13 November, 2017
Welcome back to Tulsa!
Looking forward to your return to Tulsa! And a shameless plug for my wife (the audiologist): if you need any in-ear checkups or support, let me know! ;-)
james busick
12 November, 2017
Never thought I would look forward to traveling to Tulsa, but will be there for this show! There will undoubtedly be a few opening night glitches, but at least the set list will be unknown prior to the show!
09 November, 2017
Madrid, please
Remember ´87...
07 November, 2017
Geographically DESIREable
So happy to have this show coming close to my home, SW MO; literally feel like we're in a culture desert. BOK center is a great place to see a show - cannot wait!!
05 November, 2017
"Myanmar: Open Letter to UN".
I love U2. "Walk on" for a better and a faired world. Always.
04 November, 2017
A Blessings
I'm so happy this tour is coming sooner than I expected. Any show by these four brilliant people is a gift. I've love U2 since I was eleven. I'll also say this. Bono made me a better person. He always stood for what was universally right. From Nelson Mandela wrongfully imprisoned to no person in Africa should die for lack of a pill that costs 10 cents. Bono is a hero. He is also a Saint. He deserves that recognition.
04 November, 2017
Come to Portugal, dont forget us...
Els B
03 November, 2017
Come to New Zealand! PLEASE!!
Another tour and will you finally come to New Zealand??
03 November, 2017
What no Joshua Tree tour to NZ
Hang on fellas, there was a very strong rumour a month or two back that Joshua Tree tour was to hit NZ, Aus, etc early next year.....what’s the story ?
03 November, 2017
Please come to Australia U2
We love you!
03 November, 2017
Toronto Please
It would be perfect if you come to Toronto again. Please
02 November, 2017
Ok im happy to travel ANYWHERE but please #U2cometoaustralia !!! xxx
02 November, 2017
Woody Guthrie
Fans and band, while in Tulsa be sure to visit the museum of folk icon Woody Guthrie.
02 November, 2017
Come to Portugal
Come to Portugal Please
01 November, 2017
No Way!
Kicking off the tour in my backyard. That's what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01 November, 2017
Call me when you get to Tulsa. We'll grab a pint.
01 November, 2017
Drew1602 from Australia
We missed out on the Joshua Tree Anniversary tour please don't let Australia miss this tour as well.
01 November, 2017
Cannot wait!
Last time they played Tulsa was 1983 War tour. I was there and met the band backstage after the show. This venue is 10 minutes from my house!
01 November, 2017
Come to Brasil, please!!!
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