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29 March, 2018
Can't wait to go to church!!!
I have been in tune with these beautiful, talented lads since they were a whisper in America, you have saved me a hundred times, and were like a bible for me to always be welcome to, with such melodic, innovative, cutin edge slam your soul licks, beating of those militant drums, to the driving force of a heavy bass bad ass, to the angelic voice of a pro of selling, and preaching the good word, you fill my soul, thank you, for every word, every beat, the always on top of the times and future, God Bless your souls, I love you all, see you in St. Louis, was part of the last mishap, but glad to have you back boys!!!
28 March, 2018
St. Louis here we come...from Switzerlan
Coming from Switzerland to see U2 ! Our 13th ever U2 Concert since 1985. This will be our first ever Concert in the United States, and it MUST BE U2 ! Can't wait !
13 March, 2018
the anticipation is killing me!
Saw the J'Tree show in Cleveland; totally blown away! Can't wait for May the 4th be with you!!! Any word (or rumors) on an opening act?
06 February, 2018
New Album Is The Jam
Loving the new album. In my daily rotation for the foreseeable future. Looking forward to the showing STL. I say since the Joe Tree show was cancelled last Sept, we skip the opening band and bring the guys out to play side 2!
31 January, 2018
we are so excited that you didn't give up on STL! now trying to see if we can make to Dublin as well!!! LOVE LOVE the new album! XOXOXO Melanie Wahl (fan since age 5 :)
04 January, 2018
New CD
Love the new CD and can't wait to hear some of it live in STL. Favorite after the first few listens has to be Summer of Love. Oh yeah...I've been thinking about the west coast.... :)
29 November, 2017
What do you guys have against Denver now? You didn't come here for the Joshua Tree anniversary tour and now you're not coming again?! You guys are killing me.
13 November, 2017
STL Show
Please don't forget about some of the deeper Joshua Tree tracks during this show! So many people were crushed to miss experiencing those songs after the September show was abruptly cancelled.
10 November, 2017
Bring Beck Along for the Ride
We missed show for the cnx Joshua Tree Tour. Any chance you can bring Beck with you?
09 November, 2017
Cannot wait to see you guys!
So excited you're coming back. It was such a disappointment when the September show was cancelled. Best of luck and safe travels to you and all those coming to see you!
07 November, 2017
Flew in from Virginia for the cancelled
Spent a boat load of cash to fly to St Louis for the show that was cancelled? Any chance you can play the Joshua Tree this time back? I'd fly in again for that!!!!!! John
07 November, 2017
can't hardly wait
Taking my best friend Alanna. Every time in the past when you have come to town she has had to work so we were excited that she could make it to the earlier show. Devastated is an understatement but thankful fan safety is a main focus. Luckily you are coming back and haven't given up on STL. I was hoping you would have a private priority presale for those who had bought tickets to the cancelled show like Ed Sheeran had but I am happy enough to have the fan club presale even though it made me renew my unexpired membership. I have seen you several times and cannot wait to share this with my very best friend who has literally waited a lifetime to see you!
02 November, 2017
Was so disappointed when the Joshua Tree show was cancelled. Can't wait to see the new show in May.
02 November, 2017
So glad U2 is coming back early on this tour. We really missed them in September.
02 November, 2017
St. Louis revisit
Thanks for the addition of St. Louis on the tour.....bring a little "Joshua Tree" with you as well......and Beck wouldn't be bad for a suprise as well......you know with the new album and all, a two for......OoooRah !!! Ready to rock in St. "lewy". Hope to see in Chi town as well. !
01 November, 2017
Thanks for coming back!
My wife and I had tickets for the cancelled September show and we hoped that U2 would make a quick return to our city. We are so glad to see this announcement, and you can bet we will be getting our tickets as soon as possible! So looking forward to this awesome show by this great band!
01 November, 2017
Thank you for coming back to St. Louis. Had tickets for the cancelled Joshua Tree Tour show, so glad you are coming back and will get to see you after all. :)
01 November, 2017
I was in town for the last concert which was not to be. Thanks for coming back to St. Louis and making it a priority early in the tour, we need you, and the words and music you bring. I will be there at Scottrade, Blessings not just for the ones who kneel....
01 November, 2017
Thank You For Coming Back
Thank you for coming so soon in the new tour to St Louis! We really missed seeing the Joshua Tree Tour back in September. Looking forward to the show!
01 November, 2017
Come to Brasil guys. I love you so much! \o
01 November, 2017
Thank you U2
really happy they are returning to STL since the 2017 show had to be cancelled. Can't wait
01 November, 2017
So Happy!
Thank you Thank you for coming back to St Louis on May 4th!! I was so disappointed when the September show was cancelled, like so many others. So grateful for this opportunity to enjoy seeing U2 again, and being able to take my daughter for her first U2 concert! Cannot wait!!!
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