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09 December, 2017
Verified Ticket System Sucks
Enough Said.
06 December, 2017
LA Line for EITour
Flying in from Mexico to 15th and 16th concerts. Last time on Innocence Tour had a blast, looking forward to meet you lads in the line... Hopefully the method its the same as iNNOCENCE tour, queue in the morning, get a number, get back at 4pm to go in.
16 November, 2017
There is no end
I grew up listening to U2 back in 1979 when I fist heard "11 0'clock tick tock" on the Rodney on the rock show on KROQ on his 11 pm new music hour. I was like this is a cool sound that came out around the punk-new wave era, I grew on there music and started a cover band from 1985-1987 and then a some few shows in 1994. I was the Bono of the band and my name is John and my friends would call me Johno. I've seen U2 17 times and one of my favorite gigs that still today was my favorite was "The Unforgettable Fire" at the Long Beach Arena, CA on December 16th 1984. It was an amazing show. their sound system they used was awesome. it was so loud but crisp clear. It costed me $16.50. the stage set up was easy. stage, hanging lights and speakers and seating 360 all seats filled. no pyro technic screens, Just simple.. thats how they played there gigs in the early years. They should go back to that style because there music is powerful and all that technical equipment isn't needed, The ticket prices would be much more reasonable. They always find a sound that keeps up with the decades. My 16 year old son has seen them on the 360 tour, Innocense tour, The Joshua Tree 17 tour. He loves their music and I'm glad that I can share these moments with him as I did growing up. Thank you U2 for giving us great music for all of these decades. Hope to see you soon. "There is no End to your music" forever in our hearts. Johno and John Michael
14 November, 2017
My U2 Top 50 Favorite Songs
1. Gloria 2. Drowning Man 3. Like A Song 4. Until The End Of The World 5. One 6. “40” 7. A Sort Of Homecoming 8. Wake Up Dead Man 9. Hands That Built America 10. Moment Of Surrender 11. In A Little While 12. Van Dieman’s Land 13. New Year’s Day 14. Pride 15. Yahweh 16. Where The Streets Have No Name 17. Sunday Bloody Sunday 18. Bad 19. Tomorrow 20. Acrobat 21. Song For Someone 22. Stranger In A Strange Land 23. Scarlet 24. Exit 25. I Will Follow 26. Walk On 27. Miracle Drug 28. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 29. Beautiful Day 30. One Step Closer 31. Three Sunrises 32. Red Hill Mining Town 33. With Or Without You 34. Grace 35. Bullet The Blue Sky 36. All I Want Is You 37. Iris 38. If God Will Send His Angels 39. Into The Heart 40. Every Breaking Wave 41. Heartland 42. Twilight 43. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock 44. Breathe 45. City of Blinding Lights 46. Staring At the Sun 47. Zoo Station 48. Where Did It Go Wrong? 49. Magnificent 50. Zooropa
13 November, 2017
Come to Hawaii... :)
Hey, Baked Bean Boy! Bring the boys to South Kona.
13 November, 2017
Hopefully getting the tix won't be too difficult. getting the tickets for the Joshua Tree 2017 Tour was painful and then getting into the stadium was even worse.
13 November, 2017
U2 @ The Forum, L.A. 2018
Can't wait! We will be there! Myself, and my wife, Valerie. Your The Best Thing About Me!! Alex
11 November, 2017
Love / Hate Relationship
We've been blessed to see U2 live a few times, going back to ZooTV. It is a spiritually uplifting revival unmatched by anyone. But 2015's I+E tour tix were $312 each once the omnipresent fees were added. So I ask this: You're an remarkable band. PLEASE strip down the technogadgets to keep the pain of seat prices to a sustainable minimum for those of us physically unable to stand through a show. You will still be the most amazing live band around. Love and peace to you all.
10 November, 2017
U2 Fan 4 ever .
Nice... Nice again you are giving me something exciting for next year , can't wait for may .....:)
10 November, 2017
Wear sunscreen
If I could offer you only one tip for the U2 concert at the Forum, especially if you're camping out in the GA line - wear sunscreen and protect yourself from the relentless Los Angeles sun. It will cook you like a microwave if you're not careful. See you in the trenches my U2 friends. Bono photo by instagram.com/BerezowskiPhoto
05 November, 2017
San Diego
Another lifelong fan in SD who was able to cross your concert off my Bucket List this past September. Dream come true. Looking forward to another experience next year and as with others, hoping you'll add a date in San Diego. xxoo
03 November, 2017
Howard R
The journey began March 2, 4 and 5, 1985, at the LA Sports Arena. My friend Dave and I pulled a few all nighters painting a banner depicting the a-bomb dropped on Japan, inspired by The Unforgettable Fire. We were in the front row, and Bono took our banner (actually my friend painted it, I just kept him awake) and it was hung on the second level seats. I wish we had a photo. No iphones back then. I was thrown off stage by Bono during the Rattle and Hum tour for bad guitar playing during People Get Ready. Bono told 70,000 fans that I went to the "wrong school of rock and roll." I only knew the chords to Knocking on Heaven's Door, which I expected to be the call-up on stage for guitar song. Couldn't master that F chord on the fly. Wrong school of rock and roll indeed. I've seen U2 about 15 times, including the 2017 tour. Now I'm on the iNnocence list. So much for the eXperience. Kidding of course. Excited to see U2 again, 32 years later.
03 November, 2017
02 November, 2017
Starting Ticket Prices
What will be the starting prices for tickets? For the JT tour the starting price was $35 and I'm really hoping there are going to be some inexpensive seats since it's going infringe on Christmas shopping. Thanks
02 November, 2017
U2, You're the Best Thing!!!
We flew from Lima, PerÚ2 to LA to see U2 @ The Forum!! A-MA-ZING SHOW!!! Tons of Love!!!
01 November, 2017
And when I go there I go there for YOU It's all I can do...
01 November, 2017
U2 E&I 2018
So looking forward to this!!! And would love to host you guys again in San Diego!!!!
Victor Enrique
01 November, 2017
U2 LA 2018
I will be there, hopefully you will open more dates there and if you can squeeze something in San Diego even better.
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