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25 March, 2018
Can't Wait!!!
I was in-between jobs when the Joshua Tree Your came through to Louisville and Indianapolis! When Nashville was announced for the Experience Tour, one of my closest friends who recently moved to Nashville called and asked me if i wanted to go. He is the one who got me into U2 around 30 years ago and hasn't seen U2 live himself. My family and i are making a trip out of it! This will be my 8th time seeing u2 live! Wasn't thrilled with the ticket price but made the exception .
19 March, 2018
Witnessed another epic live concert by the greatest 4-man band (U2) on the planet last year in Louisville, KY. Was hoping they would make it to Memphis, TN but Nashville is right up the road. I'm sure the fellas will do what they do best in the music city.
26 January, 2018
Coming from Holland
Exited to watch the boys for the first time outside of Europe. See you all in May :-)
23 December, 2017
Daphne Ewanation
I am more excited than I could possibly express. The opportunity to see U2 is on my bucket list of thing to do in my life. My husband has dragged me to more shows that I can count. We just never could get tickets to U2. Now we will be going to Bridgestone Arena. I am from Winnipeg, Canada. Thank you so much for the music that you make, the stand for which you represent with your political views. I love you guys.
20 December, 2017
Saw Joshua Tree in Louisville and thought it was one of the best and most intimate shows ever done. So excited they are coming back to Nashville. Would love for One Republic to open up for them here. I thought they were a great opening act in Louisville.
22 November, 2017
Excited for Nashville
My goal was to make every US stop on this tour. I have tickets for half of them so far. I'm exhausted looking at the schedule already. But so excited. I just want to dance with them all once and then I can go home at the end of this having checked this off my bucket list and thrilled beyond words. Feel the love!
22 November, 2017
A Long Way
Coming All the way from Christchurch New Zealand to see this band in Nashville Very excited
15 November, 2017
Angie Pike
Seeing U2 again! This time no long road trip, no hotel room 10 miles from my house. U2 is worth wvwry mile I have traveled, but how fun to see them at home! Thank you
14 November, 2017
Got my Nashville tickets
Alll right Nashville:: secured my seats for the show. I’ll be heading in from Houston for a long weekend. Looking forward to start the summer season by being at the show. Anyone else ?
13 November, 2017
EVERY show I've traveled to, to see U2, I have a sign representing Nashville! When they came in 2011, I had a sign welcoming them, and toward the end of the show, I had a sign saying "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" LOL! Glad they listened!! LOL!!! Now I hope they come back every tour from here on out! (Doesn't mean I won't travel to see them more, but hey! LOL)
12 November, 2017
Thank-U2 for coming to Nashville!!
Im so very excited that U2 will be performing in my home-town. This is the best surprise ever! I have a 16 year old son whose current favorite album is War! So thankful!
10 November, 2017
New city to check off
I have had to travel to every U2 Show I have ever seen. Excited to hopefully get tickets for Nashville. Have not them there yet and they have such ties to Music City. This is going to be a great show.
07 November, 2017
My first U2 show was The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Louisville, KY. It was by far the best concert of my life. I cannot believe they are coming so close to me, again! I can't wait to see them twice in one year! I cannot contain my excitement. Once you go to one U2 show, you are hooked forever!
04 November, 2017
Thank You
Got burned in St. Louis for the Joshua Tree tour and was thinking I wouldn't get the chance to see them again. I am so getting tickets to this concert..
02 November, 2017
Stage Design / layout
Does anyone know what the stage design / layout will be? Want to make my seats are in a prime location. Got burned a bit on the last arena tour by not sitting on the side but at the end facing the extended stage. Couldn't see the video boards. Stoked that they are coming to Nashville. Won't have to travel for this one.
02 November, 2017
I promised my wife if U2 ever returned to a city we lived in (Memphis at the time roughly 20 years ago) I would do everything to get tickets. Will be nice as the last show we had to drive to Chicago (again, from Memphis).
01 November, 2017
Sure would be nice to have a souvenir ticket, could they please make the collector tickets available like they did for the Ireland and Germany shows. An avid fan and memorabilia collector.
01 November, 2017
Words can't express my excitement!!!!!
01 November, 2017
So excited!!
So excited that I will get to see U2 in Nashville! Welcome back!
01 November, 2017
THANK YOU!!! NASHVILLE LOVES U2!! I've seen every tour since Joshua Tree....most recently in Tampa for Joshua Tree 17! SOOOOOO happy!!! My favorites!!
Timothy Travis
01 November, 2017
finally i don't have to drive or fly half-way across the country to see the boys! i mean i would anyway, but awesome! thank you thank you thank you
01 November, 2017
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
For playing at Bridgestone.
01 November, 2017
No dia do meu aniversário ter um show do U2... que sonho...
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