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29 Sep, 2008
One of the highlights of the new 'Live At Red Rocks' DVD, catch it here from 1983.
29 Aug, 2008
Four live tracks in this trailer from 'Red Rocks' DVD, now on sale.
11 Aug, 2008
U2's first concert video, Live At Red Rocks, will be released on DVD next month, along with the accompanying live album, Under a Blood Red Sky.
31 Oct, 1983
An album of confident excitement, the work of a band completely secure about their powers... Bill Graham reviews Under A Blood Red Sky

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....and you are my miracle ....and you are my miracle...listened for the first time on the morning of 9/11. Never have... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by
Can't wait for the tour! 'Songs of Innocence' tour will silence all any seasoned U2 rank knows...I am... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by danastar
Never a fan before.... The free download was brilliant! I have been aware of U2 for a long time and generally liked... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by susanerl
Dreams! I am so glad these four boys had the dream of becoming a band! Their lyrics ressonate so deeply... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by zoostervox
It was just like Christmas morning, waki It doesn't get any better than this. Songs of Innocence miraculously appearing for free on... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by tedkitto
Great and roboust album Thank you band for this incredible album. When I heard the album for first time, my sensations... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by hellin78