The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Miami, FL, US
Hard Rock Stadium
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25 May, 2017
A Sort of Homecoming
I am with you gpmalecki! This was the one song, aside from the JT album in full length, that I was really looking forward to hearing live! Sunday, June 25th in Foxboro, PLEASE bring back ASOH for ALL to hear this gem performed!!
25 May, 2017
A Sort of Homecoming
After reviewing the past few nights set lists, I really hope you aren't shelving this song. When I heard Homecoming in rehearsals and then the first few nights, I was revelling in the fact of hearing this live again in Miami. Now, it looks as though it may be through, and I'm not sure why. I'll just humbly ask that you keep it in the mix... Don't just give it to New York or Boston. All of us old-school, die-hards want it!
22 May, 2017
please play "seconds"
i would love to hear this song SECONDS would you kindly play it? highlights each musician and especially Larry's drums! It would be a great song to end on! Thanks! I Love U2
16 May, 2017
My daughter @ 2nd show
I´ll be there with my daughter, she is only 17 and already saw 360 in Brazil and now this amazing show. Will be more than special !
13 May, 2017
Best vacation ending!!
Last 4 tours we've seen you at your hometown, but this time in Miami for our last day of our vacation. From Rotterdam to Miami!!! Can't wait! After that a little afterparty in Amsterdam.
13 May, 2017
kick off the summer
This will be my 15th show, 4th for my husband, second for my 14 year old and first for my 10 year old. Can't wait
13 May, 2017
Peggy's dream
I have been loving you guys since i am 15.... I am 45 now dream comes true Joshua Tree , I can't wait June 11th:) last time i saw you was 1992 Zoo tour in San Diego
12 May, 2017
Happy birthday weekend to me!
Flying in from AZ for you! See you in Miami!
11 May, 2017
This is gonna be my dream tour.... U2 is the soundtrack of my life. U2 fan since 1993.
11 May, 2017
6th Time!!
This will be my 6th U2 Concert, but my first since the Zoo TV Tour (Sept 20, 1992 in St. Louis), almost 25 years ago! I pray they play a good amount of the older music, but I know it will be a great concert!
10 May, 2017
PTY present!!
Flying from Panama with my sys!! 31 days left to be part of the history!! Can´t wait to get there...
10 May, 2017
Tree Time and it's Not a Palm
me, my ami, my best friend , best husbands, and the very best band in all the land! Some like it hot! ps HBD Bono boy xoxo
Victor Noe
08 May, 2017
Mexico City --) Miami --) Tampa COMBO
Flying from Mexico City to see the best band in the world !!! Mexico power present !!
08 May, 2017
Miami My Mammy
I Cant Wait to see you guys! "We got the wheels and petrol is cheap Only went there for a week Got the sun got the sand Got the batteries in the handy cam"
29 April, 2017
Round 2....30 Years Later
Was at the Joshua Tree show 30 years ago at the Orange Bowl. Flying from San Diego to see them again in my home town. Let's do this!
21 April, 2017
BH 2 Miami!!
Leaving Belo Horizonte straight to Miami!! Can't wait!!!
20 April, 2017
Can't wait!
Almost 30 years to the day I saw them in Munich, this time bringing my sweethearts with me!
10 April, 2017
Leaving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Miami, see the best band in the world
30 January, 2017
El Salvador
Flying in from El Salvador Central America for this!!
18 January, 2017
MIAMI, where the Streets have names
Welcome again to the sunshine state! can't wait
15 January, 2017
Are we ready?
See you in Miami!
14 January, 2017
Little one are going
Taking my daughters to the concert
13 January, 2017
Another Venue
flying in from the UK, just to see the mighty play, 30th concert, 27th venue.....another boxed ticked!!!!
12 January, 2017
This is going to be a GREAT way to celebrate my big 5-0 Birthday week!!!
11 January, 2017
Got my tix
Cant wait!!!
10 January, 2017
I'll be there
Tonight we'll build a bridge across the sea and land....
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