The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

London, UK
Twickenham Stadium
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23 May, 2017
Looking forward to an awesome night!
First live experience with U2 was in 1988 when Bono lost his voice during a concert in Amsterdam. The fans were singing the songs out loud, but Bono stopped the concert halfway. You might expect fans to be disappointed, but instead thousands of people were singing together "How long to sing this song" until the last person left the building. That says everything about U2 fans. After that I have been at one or more concerts of each tour, each one being amazing and unique. I am really looking forward to it. Will be there together with my father and we will certainly enjoy every minute of it. Any setlist is fine with me, but would make it an extra special night to me when they play "Kite" and end with "40"!
20 May, 2017
I'm going to Twickenham
I am going to Twickenham as a VIP guest on Saturday 8th July and I cannot wait!!
20 May, 2017
13th June 1987
Remember 1st time I saw them in a stadium came on with stand by me and then pride my favourite song at the time,queued all day was knackered and slept on Wembley station as I was late as I was busy getting posters and anything else down the street!!19 at the time will never forget that show can't wait for 8-7-17
18 May, 2017
Two songs I'd love to hear/see at Twickers... 'Kite', and probably one of their most underrated songs, 'Stay (faraway, so close)'. I never tire of hearing 'Stay'. Would make a great night even better, hearing these two amongst the live favourites
16 May, 2017
I was there at Wembley stadium 20 years old. Slept In Euston station floor the night before. Hoping to meet my mate who was there with me not seen him for 15 years. How many other are going to Twickenham who were at Wembley on the night. Off to try & find my t-shirt from the night then see if it still fits !
12 May, 2017
Cannot wait for the 8th! Never tire of seeing U2 in fact my expectations and anticipation only increase with every tour. Particularly excited to hear ASOH/God's Country and praying for Bad and 40 to finish. Whatever they play it's gonna be incredible, as always!
10 May, 2017
Happy days...
Tickets arrived, it's getting close now. Can't wait to see The Lads again, and in such a small,intimate venue!!!! Roll on July 8th, see you all at Twickers. Me and me mate will be there- with or without you......
10 May, 2017
and Yes i will be there ! from Belgium.... ! ❤
07 May, 2017
lynette maguire
i was a fan club member for the joshua tree tour 30 years ago aged 19. me and my friend were so excited as we travelled to wembley arena, and are just as excited to be going to twickenham on july 8th.due to having a young family each, we havent been able to see u2 since..... but saw the guys at the O2 18 months ago on I & E tour and cant believe we are going again..!!! whooop!!
08 April, 2017
We travelled all the way from Singapore to see my favourite band play. Please play Zoo Station and the fly, it would be the highlight of the gig. Those two songs are two of my favourite.
06 April, 2017
Is it normal I havent still receive ticket yet???
05 April, 2017
Zoo Station
I would absolutely love it if you guys played Zoo Station again at this stop in Twickenham, Just like 2005. This will also be my very first live U2 show, I'd dearly like to hear that one.... But at the same time I know it's a Joshua Tree themed tour, but one can wish! :-)
21 January, 2017
It started in 87
It all started on the 13th June 1987, Wembley Stadium and the Joshua Tree tour. Oh wow. I buzzed for days, weeks after that concert and still do now when I think about that day all those years ago. To have the opportunity to do so all over again is amazing, unbelievable. Thank you U2
20 January, 2017
Joshua tree
The album still sounds great on vinyl can't wait till Twickenham take me back to the eighties and give us a double treat and finish with 40 please boys
19 January, 2017
Ian Callender
Got Saturday night Twickenham tickets it will be the 7th time and can't wait until they play exit I'm gonna go radio to that wohooo
Andrew R Wilson
15 January, 2017
30 years on
Can't wait to see the Joshua Tree Tour and see if it has the same feel as Wembley Stadium 30 years ago.
14 January, 2017
U2 here we come London
Got tickets can't wait to see the boys again what an album
14 January, 2017
Big sound
It would be amazing if a symphony orchestra was backing U2 on this tour.
11 January, 2017
Pure U2 magic
I just CAN'T wait for this tour !!!!
11 January, 2017
Everything crossed I get four tickets for Twickenham Concerton 08 July
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