The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Rome, IT / Olympic Stadium
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 64

'Flash Mob'
A wedding and a flash mob. Opening night in Rome.

When & Where
Saturday, June 15th 2017, Olympic Stadium, Rome. Night 25 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
"Sometimes it's luminous figures that change the world. But in truth, more often than not it's mass movements that change history."
Set List
No major surprises tonight, although Mysterious Ways drops out and back in at the close comes new song 'The Little Things That Give You Away'.
Aaron Govern (@Ivanobe) was at the Joshua Tree Tour first time round, and sent us through some reactions straight after the show: 'What an incredible night - following what must have been the hottest day of the tour so far, having hit the highs of 36°C. It has been so hot even the historic statues of Rome have been begging for a respite from the overhead heat on this beautiful cloudless sky.
Italian fans may be the most passionate in Europe, and at times it really was hard to hear the band play over their incredible singing. Larry kicks off the night with the familiar military beat of Sunday Bloody Sunday, before the urgent playing of New Years Day, and then a most beautiful rendition of Bad, a song so steeped in history in the U2 canon it cannot fail to tug at our heartstrings. To finish off Act 1, the resplendent Pride, and everyone is singing at full volume, urging and pushing this band to the next level.
The Joshua Tree is played to a transfixed audience, each song being performed by the band as if it's the first time they have ever been played. Side 2 starts and Bono is clearly enjoying the reaction from the crowd who are singing each song with such passion. The darkness surrounds the stadium, and Mothers Of The Dissapeared closes the album playback. A beautiful ending to a beautiful album….'

Here's the complete set list.
Social post
@atu2 - 'The best way to get U2 to play for your wedding is to get married at the show' - which one happy couple did, wedding and reception with (however many thousand) guests. And quite a decent wedding band to boot!'
If You Had To Pick One Song
With Or Without You. Fans come together and hold each other up when the band is in town. We saw it in Berlin earlier in the week when German fan site @U2Tour came together to party and celebrate fans visiting that city - 500 showed up at their party at legendary Meistersaal, (Hansa Studios, where Bowie recorded Heroes, etc) and raised over 5000 Euros for the charity Doctors Without Borders.
Tonight it was Italian fan site @U2Place that had organised a flash mob at the Olympic Stadium -  40,000 signs held up in unison to hold up The Joshua Tree, and the number 30. Spectacular, spectacle, fans coming together and holding the band up, holding each other up. As we are all doing every single night of this tour.
Long time Zootopian Monica Martino, now living in Dublin was at the show and kept us updated: 'U2 in my hometown is always special. My band in my town. Starting with SBS is a shot to your heart. The screen getting red for Streets because as we love to say Streets può essere solo rossa. The legendary choreography from on WOWY. ITALIA Ireland, one family, the family. Larry sexy man!. Dancing time, jump jump jump like there's no tomorrow...'

Review on
maurizioinga1: EXIT 'Maybe, the most emotional U2 concert that I've ever seen. During the permonce of EXIT I reached one of the most intense moment of my life. Thank you guys. Love U2 forever!!!

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22 July, 2017
Love, nothing more and nothing less
I was at the show in Rome. I could do nothing else but follow my heart and be there. It was so.... special! For any of us and for all of us. Difficult to choose words or a pic to describe. Two hearts, four, sixty thousands beat as ONE. Hope to see you soon again, in the meantime you are in my ears and in my dreams. We are a big, loving family. We are ONE. Love ❤️ #TheJoshuaTreeTour2017 #RomaNightOne #IoCero
21 July, 2017
Light On !
Incredibile, indimenticabile, fantastica serata ! #TheJoshuaTreeTour2017 #RomaNightOne #IoCero
21 July, 2017
Unforgettable Moments
20 July, 2017
Twickenham stadium
Brilliant night 8th July Noel Gallaghers high flying birds then u2 what a night to remember
19 July, 2017
#TheJoshuaTreeTour2017 #RomeNightOne #NoiCeravamo
19 July, 2017
Great night!
Of all my six concerts since 1997 to see the U2 in Italy of the various tours, I think this was the most exciting of all! Thanks U2 !! My life is tied to you!
19 July, 2017
Grazie U2!
An amazing concert... ♫♥
19 July, 2017
I have just found what i was looking for! I hope to see you again soon!!!!!
18 July, 2017
Amazing nigth
Me and mu son in foro itálico july 15. Thank YouTube U2
18 July, 2017
La più bella notte di sempre
Love, faith, friendship. This the meaning of this concert for me. Thanks for playing in Rome, I'll never forget this night! Cheers Fabio ;)
18 July, 2017
Marco, Daniela, Sergio, Paolo with Raffaella taking this picture really thanks Mr. Noel 'very serious' Gallagher's performance Flying very high waiting seriously for U2....where were you while we were getting high?
18 July, 2017
A miracle in Rome
Such a great night in Rome listenign to U2, my favourite band since 1997! It was wonderful for my eyes, as screen images were unbelivable realistic and beautiful, and for my ears as the music and Bono's voice flowed naturally as a river flows to sea.... FANTASTIC NIGHT! Thank you again guys for giving us a great opportunity to be there... or better 2, as I was in Rome both night. I loved the show intro with tho powerful sound of SBS and then NYD one of my favourite of all times. It has been emotional to listen to starman in Bad too. I really appreciated WTSHAN ISHFWILF and WOWY .. they are perfect songs! But I enjoyed so much In God's Country, Exit (I'v always dreamed to ear it live) and Mother of Disappeared, with a powerful image of mothers blowing candles. Great show, also the second part with most recent success such as BD Vertigo etc. was so funny and wee enjoyed dancing all together. Thank you for One and for the new song, it has been nice to ear somenting new in a celebrating tour, but I loved Miss Sarajevo and Ultraviolet! The best of the second part. Thank You guys see you in Dublin!
18 July, 2017
What a Bithday Party it was...
I was there with my "little" nephews aged 30 and 27. July 15th was the birthday of the oldest and we meet to celebrate him. And what a party it was!!! All joshua Tree was played along in my house and seeing it LIVE in full was Amazing. Always loved Bullet in every way it was played, but this last version seems more powerful than the others. Until now my favorite was the ie version (together with Zooropa and Streets), but playing it like the original 30 year old version was incredible. Then the stars fall from the sky...Don't know why i always loved One Tree Hill (expecially after knowing the story behind) but I've never had the chance to hear it live. Now it was time to have it. I started to cry at I'll see you there, when the stars fall from the sky thinking of my mother who die last year. yes I believe I'll see her again somewhere. Unfortunately the guys didn't play Ordinary Love. I had sent a video when it was asked hoping to make a surprise to my nephew(I was holding a Happy Birthday sign while recording). It could have been the most beatiful present I could ever time maybe. At the end we had the new song...when it will be released together with soe? It's time guys. Hope to see you soon again on stage for another ie tour. For now I can say Arrivederci a presto e grazie per la mgnifica serata (see you soon and thank for the wonderful night).
18 July, 2017
God Bless U2!
Stunning Night! Great And Emotional Performance From Guys!
18 July, 2017
Thanks U2
great concert!
18 July, 2017
I was in Rome on July 15 and finally I had BAD... I've waited so long to get it, but I've been so moved and I still have the thrills... probably the best concert I've seen so far
17 July, 2017
The Joshua Tree - tribute band from Mess
Great concert!!
17 July, 2017
Thrills me up
When those guys come to Italy,they know It Will be a gig ti Remember. I was 10 when Joshua arrived home on vinyl, and it still turning on the table, and i was listening only to streets....i liked It too many to letto It go.....then One time I decided ti go over that and broke that "exit" came to my ears through amplifier and speakers, nothing has been the same. Waited for "exit" for 30y.'s worth It! TX guys, it's Life!
17 July, 2017
What a night.... Bono gave everything and the crowd went mad :) London check, Rome check, next stop, DUBLIN.
17 July, 2017
ThankU2 for THE JOY!
Everytime U2 show is a pure Joy detonator! Saturday it's allright to see you in Dublin! huoooooooouoooooouuuo!!! #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #purejoy #nextstepdublin
17 July, 2017
2 Generations of U2 Fans
30 years ago, I was 18, Modena was the first concert in my life (I still wear the 1987 Tee). 2017, she is 15 and this is the first concert in her life. A stunning performance.
17 July, 2017
Little fan!
What a city! What a night! What a gig! What a wonderful fan! Best little fan EVER! Emma <3 #u2 #rome #joshuatreetour2017
17 July, 2017
U2 live a Roma // The Joshua Tree Tour 2
Through the storm we reach the shore You give it all but I want more And I’m waiting for you ~ With or without you ~
16 July, 2017
One Word... thank you
16 July, 2017
A Great Heart
#U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #wheninrome
16 July, 2017
Bellissima serata ..Giornata indimentica
Gino e Carmen ❤️ U2 Forever ❤️
16 July, 2017
E' un piacere rivederci qui dopo 30 anni. con questo sono 10!! 1987 --> 2017 Mai stanco e non ancora sazio! Sempre i migliori. Grazie, alla prossima.
16 July, 2017
Stadio olimpico Roma 15/07/2017
Bellissima serata ..Giornata indimenticabile con il mio gruppo preferito ! U2 Forever!
16 July, 2017
Back to the roots with wisdom
Amazing night, 20 years after Pop Mart tour, going back to my memories of high school U2 concert mania! Now everybody's wiser, although high emotions stand still. Grazie!
16 July, 2017
Little wonder
What a city! What a night! What a fantastic gig! What a wonderful fan! Emma the little U2 super fan!
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