22 April, 20053
  1. City Of Blinding LightsLyrics
  2. VertigoLyrics
  3. ElevationLyrics
  4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForLyrics
  5. Miracle DrugLyrics
  6. Miss SarajevoLyrics
  7. The FlyLyrics
  8. With Or Without YouLyrics
U2.Communication was an exclusive gift to U2.com subscribers in November 2005. The double disc release featured a live mini-album of eight tracks recorded in Chicago and Milan on Vertigo 2005. The bonus CD-ROM included wallpapers, screensavers and an additional live performance of Vertigo.
Released Date:
22 April, 2005
Produced By:
Recorded At:
Live performances from Chicago and Milan on Vertigo 2005
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Remastered please
Found it on EBay!
I was bummed, I had signed up for U2.com 2 years later and missed this one! But just last year I found it on EBay for use 25 bucks! Love it! Wish they could release all their U2.com limited editions on iTunes in the future!
Best show-opener ever!! (in my opinion)
The show-opener of the Chicago-gig from the Vertigo-tour is, according to me, the most breathtaking one I have ever seen or heard. This version of 'city of blinding lights' is perfect. Bono taking the high note in 'can you see the beauty inside of me' contributes to that feeling and experience. He doesn't often go for this high, though original, note. Adam and Larry are very in control and Edge's plays the song beautifully.
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