The Unforgettable Fire (Remastered)

26 October, 2009
  1. A Sort Of HomecomingLyrics
  2. Pride (In The Name Of Love)Lyrics
  3. WireLyrics
  4. The Unforgettable FireLyrics
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  7. BadLyrics
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'This ain't mere genius, this is rock 'n' roll...' (Kerrang, October 1984)

U2's fourth album, The Unforgettable Fire, was released in remastered form in 2009 to mark 25 years since the album's original release in October 1984. Recorded at Slane Castle, Ireland, The Unforgettable Fire was the first U2 album to be produced by Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, and spawned two top 10 UK singles - 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' and 'The Unforgettable Fire'. Special formats of the new release, remastered by The Edge, featured bonus audio material, including two previously unheard tracks from the Slane Castle sessions: 'Yoshino Blossom', and 'Disappearing Act' (a track which the band completed for the rerelease), and a DVD including music videos, a documentary and unreleased live footage from the Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour in 1986.
The remastered album was made available in four formats:
- Limited Edition Box Set: containing 2 CDs (remastered album and bonus audio CD**), a DVD with live footage, documentary and videos, a 56 page hardback book with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois, Bert Van de Kamp and Niall Stokes, and 5 photographic prints.
- Deluxe Edition: containing 2 CDs, the remastered album, and the bonus audio CD which features B-sides and previously unreleased material, a 36 page booklet with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp
- CD format: featuring the remastered album
- 12" vinyl format: 16 page booklet with liner notes by Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp

** The Unforgettable Fire Bonus Audio CD
Disappearing Act
A Sort of Homecoming (live)
Bad (live)
Love Comes Tumbling
The Three Sunrises
Yoshino Blossom
Wire (Kervorkian Remix)
Boomerang I
Pride (In The Name of Love)
A Sort of Homecoming
11 O'Clock Tick Tock
Wire (Celtic Dub Mix)
Basa Trap
Boomerang II
4th of July
Sixty Seconds in Kingdom Come
Released Date:
26 October, 2009
Produced By:
Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois
Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. Kevin Killen
Universal Island Records under licence to Mercury Records
Recorded At:
Slane Castle, Co. Meath and Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
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'The Unforgettable Fire was a beautifully out-of-focus record, blurred like an impressionist painting, very unlike a billboard or an advertising slogan. ...... In America there was such a backlash when we put out The Unforgettable Fire. People thought we were the future of rock'n'roll and they went, 'What are you doin' with this doggone hippie Eno album?'
'We owe Eno and Lanois so much for seeing through to the heart of U2.'
Bono, 1987

'I hoped this record would change people's perceptions of the band. This was U2 evolving and really opening up, bringing light and shade and experimentation to the music. Taking risks...'
Larry 2006
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