Songs Of Surrender

17 March, 20232
  1. OneLyrics
  2. Where The Streets Have No NameLyrics
  3. Stories For BoysLyrics
  4. 11 O'Clock Tick TockLyrics
  5. Out Of ControlLyrics
  6. Beautiful DayLyrics
  7. BadLyrics
  8. Every Breaking Wave
  9. Walk On (Ukraine)
  10. Pride (In The Name Of Love)Lyrics
  1. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild HorsesLyrics
  2. Get Out Of Your Own WayLyrics
  3. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out OfLyrics
  4. Red Hill Mining TownLyrics
  5. Ordinary LoveLyrics
  6. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your OwnLyrics
  7. InvisibleLyrics
  8. Dirty DayLyrics
  9. The Miracle Of Joey RamoneLyrics
  10. City Of Blinding LightsLyrics
  1. VertigoLyrics
  2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForLyrics
  3. Electrical StormLyrics
  4. The FlyLyrics
  5. If God Will Send His AngelsLyrics
  6. DesireLyrics
  7. Until The End Of The WorldLyrics
  8. Song For SomeoneLyrics
  9. All I Want Is YouLyrics
  10. Peace On EarthLyrics
  1. With Or Without YouLyrics
  2. StayLyrics
  3. Sunday Bloody SundayLyrics
  4. Lights Of HomeLyrics
  5. Cedarwood RoadLyrics
  6. I Will FollowLyrics
  7. Two Hearts Beat As OneLyrics
  8. Miracle DrugLyrics
  9. The Little Things That Give You Away
  10. 40Lyrics

Songs Of Surrender, curated and produced by The Edge, sees the band revisit some of the most celebrated songs of their 40+ year career, including 'With Or Without You', 'One', 'Beautiful Day', 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and 'Invisible', for a musical reimagining resulting in a completely new recording of each track, to include the arrangements and, in some cases, new lyrics.

"Music allows you to time travel," explained The Edge, "And we became curious to find out what it would be like to bring our early songs back with us to the present day and give them the benefit, or otherwise, of a 21st century reimagining."

"What started out as an experiment quickly developed into a personal obsession as so many of our songs yielded to a new interpretation. Intimacy replaced post punk urgency. New tempos, new keys, and in some cases new chords and new lyrics arrived. A great song, it turns out is kind of indestructible.

"The process of selecting which songs to revisit started with a series of demos. I looked at how a song would hang together if all but the bare essential elements were taken away. The other main aim was to find ways to bring intimacy into the songs, as most of them were originally written with live concert performance in mind." 

"Reviewing these sketch recordings with producer Bob Ezrin, it was very easy to see the ones that worked straight off the bat and those that needed more work. We all got into the sensibility of less is more."

The 40 newly recorded tracks are collected together under each of the four band member names across four separate 'albums'.  

"Hearing the songs interact, and finding the running orders for the four albums was really thrilling; finding the surprising segues, getting a chance to DJ. Once we had four distinct albums it was easy to see who would be the figurehead for each one."

Released Date:
17 March, 2023
Produced By:
The Edge
Island Records/Interscope Records
Recorded At:
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Songs of Ascent
Surrender is awesome . Love the new arrangements. . If the lads ever decide to do this with Songs of Ascent , this would be my collection . 30 songs on 2 discs : Disc1 1 Soon 2 Magnificent 3 Unknown Caller 4 Gloria 5 North Star 6 Mercy ( original version) 7 Staring at The Sun 8 Heartland 9 Kite 10 Elevation 11 With a Shout ( Jerusalem) 12 Rejoice 13 The Unforgettable Fire 14 The Three Sunrises 15 Drowning Man Disc2 1 MLK 2 All Because of You 3 When Love Comes to Town 4 In God’s Country 5 One Tree Hill 6 Love Rescue Me 7 Mysterious Ways 8 Ultraviolet ( Light My Way) 9 The Wanderer 10 Fez: Being Born 11 Moment of Surrender 12 Your Blue Room 13 Scarlet 14 White as Snow 15 Yahweh
Happy St Patrick's day
I didn't think I could love them anymore. They've been in my life these past 40 years, they're music is my oldest friend, but this album makes it feel like we've only just met. I never imagined how good it could feels to reimagine. Out of experience and longevity Bono has learnt to use his voice in a new way - its operatic. Lyrics have been altered to bring new meanings to old familiar friends. Melodies remain but Edge's harmonies bring a new beauty, a new quality. Adam and Larry's rhythm and base blend seamlessly and sympathetically with this new lighter sound. Introducing instruments not heard on their tracks before only help make this reimagination. Its a reassuringly familiar quality but with new pauses, endings and emphasis in places. They've turned a stadium sized rock song into something haunting, smooth, sexy, grungy, jazzlike and each one a pleasing little surprise that makes you smile in admiration at the clever reinvention. Listening to each tune for the first time is a little gift of superb sweet surprise. An acoustic, stripped back treat, as they take you on a mysterious tour of 'what is coming next', 'I recognise it but it's not the same', 'I didn't know it could ever be this good'. And all this genius is only possible because of all they've lived and learned. This album is like a key, a key to an intimate room where 4 friends from the North side of Dublin gather, and as I unlock the door I hear where they go to play, to have fun, where they experiment, where reinvention is born, where only those truest fans are allowed to access. They're still my old friend but age has brought a renewed trust that says 'come with us, it's still us, but we've stripped back all you know' and I will always follow. I have surrendered. Thank you xxx
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