Rattle and Hum

10 October, 19886
  1. Helter SkelterLyrics
  2. Van Diemen's LandLyrics
  3. DesireLyrics
  4. Hawkmoon 269Lyrics
  5. All Along The Watchtower
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForLyrics
  7. Freedom For My PeopleLyrics
  8. Silver & GoldLyrics
  9. Pride (In The Name Of Love)Lyrics
  10. Angel Of HarlemLyrics
  11. Love Rescue MeLyrics
  12. When Love Comes To TownLyrics
  13. HeartlandLyrics
  14. God Part IILyrics
  15. The Star Spangled BannerLyrics
  16. Bullet The Blue SkyLyrics
  17. All I Want Is YouLyrics

Rattle And Hum was released as a companion 2-LP set to the Phil Joanou-directed film of the same name. The album highlighted live performances from U2's successful 1987-88 Joshua Tree tour as well as additional songs recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis. A five-song CD known as Excerpts from Rattle and Hum was released in the UK in 1989. Three of the songs were live versions taken from the movie - Bad, In God's Country, and With Or Without You. The other two songs were the versions from the album - Hawkmoon 269 and God Part II. A limited edition CD was released in Mexico as part of the Serie Millennium with a different picture sleeve while a Colombian release of Rattle and Hum featured a different back cover. Stranger still, the New Zealand LP was mispressed as a black vinyl mixed with about 40% brown vinyl swirls.

The album reached No.1 in the UK. In the US, it peaked at No.1 on the album charts and No.39 on the Billboard Top Pop Catalog Albums chart. It was certified as multi-platinum by the RIAA with 5 million units sold. In Switzerland, Rattle And Hum reached No.1 on the album charts and stayed in the charts a total of 27 weeks and was certified Double Platinum. Rattle And Hum was voted Best Album by Rolling Stone readers and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Group Performance. Production Credits Producer: Jimmy Iovine

Released Date:
10 October, 1988
Produced By:
Jimmy Iovine
David Tickle
Island Records
Recorded At:
Taken from The Joshua Tree Tour and Sun Studios in Memphis
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'... comes the rattle and hum.' It...

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'Charged with the same politics that has...
Rattle and Hum, the title of both...
'Rattle and Hum is an expression of...


'What other band in our position would learn the chords of 'All Along The Watchtower' five minutes before they went on-stage, play it live and record it ? No-one.'


'We discovered a common bond between us and some of these older artists like B.B. King. When we met him there was a whole world of understanding and nothing needed to be said. That has been the pay-off of working ten years to get into this position. We no longer have to prove ourselves. It's in the music and people can hear it.'


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What an Album
I'm a fan since the early 80's and The Joshua Tree continued by Rattle and Hum are the best albums for me. Studio songs and live songs mixed , black and white. The athmosphere around this album is very special to me. And than the movie in the cinema. It's so sad that this all was breaking down by some criticals. But they are wrong. Rattle And Hum diserve a standing audiance and aplause and a " daimond on a crown of gold ". I will celebrate this year, still 30 years later .......
Could have been a masterpiece
U2 should have separated the live songs from the new ones. And added “She’s a mystery to me”. What a cracker of an album it would have been.
25th Anniversary of Rattle and Hum (2013
Has anyone heard whether U2 will issue a special 25th Anniversary Edition of Rattle and Hum this year (2013)? A remastered audio CD and the film on Blu-Ray with special features, updated interviews, previously unreleased takes, and a book of photos would be a welcome addition next to the Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary package!!
Just a must.
This is one of the albums that made me understand multiculturality and the huge value of it on earth. To me the greatest U2 album ever, exposing U2's values, believes and soul, packed in a journey of raw rock vibes from warmest acoustic tracks and gospel through to 80's/90's straight rock with cutting drums and rather cold reverbs on some other tracks. Just awesome and incredible to me. The type of album that I can calmly say is part of me and will always be.
Rattle and Hum , to me
Rattle and Hum, a journey, the music , poetry and people, it is life..it is the smart place where roughness and toughness meet and the word makes its way and reach the heart of everybody. It is more than a step forward from The Joshua Tree album. ' Van Diemens' Land, Helter Skelter, Pride ,All along the watchtower','God Part. the II are songs that tells about life in a multi etnic community ,it is rock and roll and blues to enjoy passionately in the rithme,' Silver and gold', ' Love rescue me' ' Angel of Harlem' ' When love comes to town.'.., ' Hawkmoon 269' ,' Desire', Heartland' and ' all i want is you'. ' Birdland on Fifty-Three The street sounds like a symphony We got John Coltrane and a love supreme Miles and she's got to be an angel. Lady Day got diamond eyes She sees the truth behind the lies (Angel).' ( Angel of Harlem). Harmonica, other instruments and it is a hot air of joyous times.
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