U2 Achtung Baby 30 – Live

01 October, 20221
  1. Zoo Station - Live from The VERTIGO tour, BUENOS AIRES, 2nd March 2006Lyrics
  2. Even BETTER than the REAL THING - Live from The POPMART tour, REGGIO EMILIA, 20th September 1997Lyrics
  3. ONE - Live from THE JOSHUA TREE 2017 tour, SAO PAULO, 19th October 2017
  4. until the END of the WORLD - Live from the i+e tour, BARCELONA, 5th October 2015Lyrics
  5. who's gonna RIDE your WILD HORSES - Live from e+i Tour, BELFAST, 28th October 2018Lyrics
  6. SO cruel - Live from the ZOOTV tour, MICHIGAN, 9th September 1992Lyrics
  7. The FLY - Live from the ZOOTV tour, LONDON, 20th August 1993Lyrics
  8. MYSTERIOUS ways - Live from the U2360 tour, CAPE TOWN, 18th February 2011Lyrics
  9. TRYIN' to throw your ARMS around the WORLD - Live from the ZOOTV tour, DUBLIN, 28th August 1993Lyrics
  10. ULTRA violet (light my WAY) - Live from the U2360 tour, BUENOS AIRES, 2nd April 2011Lyrics
  11. ACROBAT - Live from the e+i Tour, MANCHESTER, 19th October 2018Lyrics
  12. LOVE IS blindness - Live from the ZOOTV tour, TEXAS, 16th October 1992Lyrics

A one-off collection of live performances, curated by the band, and drawn from multiple tours since the band first took Achtung Baby on the road with ZOOTV in 1992. Limited edition CD set in special presentation package including a striking photo booklet with specially commissioned commentary from Bill Flanagan.

Released Date:
01 October, 2022
Produced By:
Recorded At:
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steve shaw
Achtung Baby - live
Wow! this is probably my favourite subscription gift yet. Thanks, heaps! From New Zealand
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