13 Tracks, 13 Remixes

8 Mar 2010124
Artificial Horizon, the limited edition CD produced for subscribers to U2.com, is now released.

Running to 60 minutes, this exclusive CD features 13 tracks remixed by some of the world's leading DJs and producers. Including three never-before released tracks and two with very restricted previous release, here's a couple of lines from an early review by the editors at Mixmag:

'World beat flavour takes the song to totally different place.' (Elevation (Influx Mix) ); 'Makes U2 sound like another band entirely' (City Of Blinding Lights (Hot Chip Remix).

But what do you think ? Stand-out track? Most surprising mix? Song that sounds least like U2? Potential summer of 2010 dance-floor hit?

Add your reviews below.
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Where can I dance to this stuff??
This is a seriously good remix cd....'Get on your boots' (fish out of water remix) is really great...but they all are. Staring at the sun (Brothers in Rhythm) is so beautiful....better than any other version including the original!!! I also love the heavy sounding remixes mid-album...aah U2 rules, and my dying wish is to be in a dance bar and dance to this stuff instead of the boring crap out there!!!! My kitchen is just not the same..... Okay: when they come to Montreal, one bar there should pledge to play U2 remixes after the show for a great U2 after party.......hmmmm I am going to email the Gogo Lounge....
i haven't get my CD yet, too.... but i think it must be great! :)
Takes Me Back...
Wow, how did I forget some of these remixes? They're great, really takes me back, but then they sound like they were only done yesterday.... Loving the David Holmes remix of Beautiful Day...
More LIVE CD's less rehash & remix
I haven't purchased the new remix cd and i'm not going to, sorry to say guys this is a very dissapointing effort in my opinion. Most of the material you have put on this new remix cd any big u2 fan has heard before and its not what we want to hear from the Best Live Rock Band in the world not dance band. Thought you guys had learned from your biggest disaster which was the POP album, you redeemed yourselfs with your next 3 great cds A.T.Y.C.L.Behind, H.T.D.A.A.BOMB & NO LINE ON THE HORIZON, don't try be someting you are not, and are not very good at and is not in my opinion what U2 fans want to hear. Please guys have a change of heart and release more Live cds like the show from Chicago on the Vertigo tour that was put on Dvd, thats what you do best. Very dissapointed also about where your touring this year, one date in England at Glastonbury where before every U2 fan knew you were coming to Glastonbury all the tickets have been sold out. Sorry to say guys feel very let down 'boo-hoo'
thanks boys
Thanks boys for the magnificent CD. Crazy ,Magnificent and City of blinding lights are the greatest songs.
Very good, thank you
Love Artificial Horizons!!
Luv all the songs and great remixes! Can't wait to see you in June in the mile high city of Denver!!
I had my doubts but the remixes are great in different ways than the originals. A new U2 CD is just what I needed, thank you guys!
lindy Lou
God i love these remixes. pure genius........ keeps me going til the next album and tour .......... love you U2 x
I couldn't wait to receive my copy, but.....(I hate to be so negative, especially since I'm one of their biggest fans) --I only liked one song on there, and that was the live remix of "Crazy Tonight". I've heard some of the others on there already, and the rest of the songs just seemed like tired "re-hashes" of old favorites! :(
very cool thx U2 xx
hi my cd just arrived whoo hoo, as i write im on the 3rd track get on your boots (fish out of water) so far so bloody good, they sound better than i thought they wud, awesome !!!!!! i remember getting the free lemon cd from propaganda mag era and i loved tht, this one is just as bloody good, many thanks U2 for this awesome free gift.............. i love this band xxx
I love these remixes. They are HOT. Staring out the Sun is my new favorite song (both versions) and Magnificent is awesome. I think the remixes could make it on the Pop Charts/Billboard charts.
Artificial Horizon Rocks!!!! I Love It!!!
Worth the wait
To be honest most U2 remixes prior to the Artificial Horizon compilation I didn't have much time for. However there are some real gems here. Get On Your Boots (Fish Out Of Water Mix) is excellent and the instrumental Beautiful Day (David Holmes Remix) is simply outstanding.
good stuff
...I've been greatly surprised by these compilation...Magnificent remix is wonderful, live version of I'll go crazy....wonderful (fortunately I could first heard it June the 30th 2009 in Barcelona, the opening night of the tour, you guys are doing pretty well....
Artificial Horizon
Always reinventing themselves as artists and it is so refreshing! Never afraid to change it up! City of Blinding Lights, I'll Go Crazy (which I saw and heard in concert), and If God Will Send His Angels are a testiment to their abilities to always being creative. Thanks for the CD....
Mixed reactions on here, CD arrived in the post this morning......enjoyed it very much - have listened to each track 3 or 4 times - we all know U2 are great live as a rock band but I have also loved all the remix stuff since the 1990's - Pop was the album that really kicked off this stuff - my highlight on the album - easy - Crazy - brings back great memories of Hampden Park Glasgow last summer :)
It arrived yesterday and I love it!! Neat packaging and all the remixes sounds fantastic. Great to hear the Elevation (Influx Mix), been looking for that one for a long time as I've heard it a million times from the Elevation tour DVDs;)
Arrival in Edmonton!
Got it in the mail! It was just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Lots of good beats. I think it is very good to workout to! I like Beautiful Day because it almost sounds like a jam...it also sounds like the least U2ey song for me. Stand out track for me is City Of Blinding Lights (hot Chip Remix)!! I also just LOVE the Brothers In Rhythm Mix od Staring at the sun...seriously..the strings at the 4 minute mark...I had to close my eyes, so beautiful. In second place is Fast Cars! I really love this song and like having it in my collection! Thanks so much for the new CD, I am really enjoying it!
The I'll gro crazy ... Live U2360 Remix is absolutly fantastic! FGH are surely proud ;) Carla Porto Portugal
I did listen the album a few times, and the remixes are absolutely greats! specially the song I'll Go Crazy and The last song, staring at the song...I specialy prefered when i do have unrelease songs, or rare songs, but this remixes is just great!
Mix it up a little
Don't get me wrong, I love Artifical Horizon, but I do take issue with one track. I thought the remix of Fast Cars should have been replaced with something else. It's a great version of the song, but any of us who had Medium, Rare, & Remastered already has it. Lets face it folks, with concerts in both 2009 and 2010, it's a safe bet the vast majority of us already got this track. Other than that though, I love it.
crazy tonight!
Received my cd this morning, really pleased with the re-mixes, i absolutely love the mix of "i'll go crazy....., brings back memories of last August at Wembley, fantastic! can't wait for Frankfurt. Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day!
I love the remix album! Brilliant! Well done! Can't wait for the tour DVD...please please!
Please go back to giving away live cds with our annual subscriptions! These remix cds are the pits, total nonsense. I am a U2 fan not a Black Eyed Peas fan!! I would gladly return this for another copy of any of the cds I have received in the last 3 years. Between this cd, the band totally ignoring Boston and Ireland, and playing in France this coming summer after the World Cup qualifier debacle, I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for my favorite band!! A real lousy U2 2010 beginning. "No Hope on the Horizon."
enjoying a lot
I've received today the remix cd.Thank you. I like it very much. It makes you wanna dance...My favourite is: City of bliding lights. 2010 summer hit.
Great CD. I especially like the new version of Fast Cars and Magnificent.
Woohoo It's Here
Thank you for the new CD. I love it. My favorite is Crazy, it just keeps bringing me back to the two nights of concert I attended. I am all ready for July concert in Chicago.
Thank you U2
artificial horizzon is from far the best present that U2 offer 2 their fans since the love town. can't say it is so it could be the best album of U2 the live track show the Irish supremacy (at my regrets) but it 's a fact
mnnnnnn walking
just amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
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