'A Beautiful Life'

25 Feb 2024

'A Beautiful Life'

'I'm gonna say this actual thing, not the sort of thing my teenage self would have thought: It is a beautiful life, and this is 'Beautiful Day'.

And that was the 38th of 40 shows at the Sphere with next weekend bringing to a close  this amazing run that's been U2:UV.

'The future' was on the mind tonight as cameras again captured the show and there were snippets from Lou Reed ('Take A Walk On The Wild Side) and The Beatles, ('Drive My Car' and 'All You Need Is Love'), along with some spectacular harmonica playing and even a little flamenco two-step action during 'Desire'.

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos here.

What Bono Said

Before introducing the band ahead of 'Desire', he and Edge discuss sending a message 'to the future' for audiences who will watch the film of the show.

Bono: 'Well, I guess just getting to the future means you've got something right, because right now it's a bit rough where we are and you might wonder, you might wonder… Edge, have you a message for the future?'

Edge: 'Just wanna say obviously you are the smartest, the best-looking audience we've had in all week.'

Bono: 'This is the moment I like to introduce the band, and especially the one that isn't here. Drummers are not made they are born and they take a lot of punishment over the years, and so we give thanks for Larry Mullen, Jr., who is injured. And I wanna give thanks for the man who saved the day…his name is already legend around here…  on the drums Bram van den Berg!'

Before 'When Love Comes To Town'.'This band has spent our life on buses and trains and planes — one long road trip — to blink is to miss so much...  If you're a singer with a messianic complex, wandering in the desert is essential.'

Of Dr. Martin Luther King: 'How we miss that righteous soul in the world right now'.

Shout Outs

During 'Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World': 'Gavin? Guggi? … anyone got my keys?'

On The Socials

'Nothing shines quite like the combination of U2 and 1.2 million LEDs. 10/10 would recommend. #u2uvsphere #vegas' —@pkajirian on Instagram

'U2 at @MSGSphere in #LasVegas is the most mindblowing show ever. Watch the Vegas Strip disappear—one a building at a time. Next-level graphics seriously.' —@heykerry on X

'It's hard to rank this among U2 shows, since the category here is not “concerts” but “shattering transcendent human experiences.” Everything I heard is true—that no amount of clips from these gigs can tell you anything about what you actually metabolize in that space. Experiencing this show, from the floor, is to be swallowed into the belly of the whale…and it's a womb not a tomb, down here…. last night transported me to an inevitable future that is deeply, deeply good. #u2sphere #u2 #u2uvsphere'—@theboyonthebike on X

'Sprakeloos.... Wat een show! #U2UVSPHERE (Translated from the Dutch: 'Speechless…What a show!)'—@henkie72 on X

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'My God, I think the Sphere is going to float with all the energy vibrating next weekend. It's going to be incredible.' —AmandaJoy

'It feels like such a privilege to have been able to hear them perform this song most nights at these shows, and yet it never gets any less mind-blowing. Other songs come close but WOWY is forever the greatest!' —AvANiceDay

'Yaaay helicopteros!' —zooropa99


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