'A Beautiful Night'

18 Dec 2023

'A Beautiful Night' 

The 22-song set on this 25th night at the Sphere,  saw 'Rattle and Hum' return to the  juke box with 'Desire', 'Angel of Harlem', and 'Love Rescue Me'. 

Along the way, the band also included tributes to Prince ('Purple Rain'), The Rolling Stone ('Paint It Black'), Frankie Goes To Hollywood ('Two Tribes'), Donna Summer ('I Feel Love'), Lou Reed ('Take A Walk On The Wild Side'), and The Beatles ('Drive My Car', and 'Blackbird').

What Bono Said

After leaving the giant ballon tethered to the side of Ali's front door, Bono deconstructed this 'very expensive magic trick': 'It has something to do with the balloon, that symbolizes the male ego, which is on its way home but it's the end of a very long string, and the door symbolizes the partner whose just sent a message of, “Get your shit together”'.

'We're on Brian Eno's turntable. We can play with space and time. In fact, we can take the  baby off the turntable. We can do what we want. The Sphere … is the perfect marriage of art and science, do you think? In the service of a good time in Las Vegas on a Saturday night'.

After 'All I Want Is You': 'Not since October 1978 has this band played without Larry Mullen Jr. who we want to send our love to on this, the last night before Christmas/New Year.”

Before the final song  'Beautiful Day': 'We are at journey's end … praying for... a more peaceful New Year, but bring some peace home with you tonight. There's a lot of special feeling in this room.. a beautiful night.”

Shout Outs

To Reggie Manuel, a friend since high school who was in the house Saturday night: 'Reggie drove me to the first rehearsal with these men. Thank you, Reggie'.

To Norman Hewson, Bono's older brother, while standing on Ali's digital doorstep during 'Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World': 'Norman, you seen my keys?'

To Laurie Anderson, the artist, musician, and partner of the late Lou Reed, after singing a snippet of Reed's 'Walk On The Wild Side' at the end of 'All I Want Is You': 'For Laurie Anderson'.

On the Socials

'The epic band, epic men, epic last show of #2023 last night! I have no words. I'm mute with emotions! I love you so much… your music… and everything you represent! #U2UVSPHERE #LasVegas #U2 #Sphere @U2@SphereVegas' —@Tatyana39172774 on X

'Flashlights in the air for Shane MacGowan'  So beautiful, thousands of lights swaying all the way up to the roof. Thank you DJ Pauli #U2UVSPHERE'—@rockyoriordan on X


HALP, WE ARE DECEASED Adam showing us big guns tonight' —@adamskimono on Instagram

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'Shout for joy if you get the chance, it was said - and that's what the #U2UVSphere tour and the fan community always brings: JOY. For sure all of us are ready for what's next in 2024. It's our most sincere wish to see all of you then. Until that day: Happy Holidays' —U2comZooMods

'Bono has just been killing it tonight - emotionally very involved in  everything….The crowd really matched the band's effort tonight.' —Crooky

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos here.


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