'A Celebration'

15 Oct 202014

'A Celebration'

An Post, the Postal Service in Ireland, has unveiled four unique stamps to marking the career of the band.

Entitled 'U2 – A Celebration 1976-2020', the four-stamp set represents distinct eras in U2's musical journey through four albums: 'The Joshua Tree' (1987), 'Achtung Baby' (1991), 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' (2000), and 'Songs of Experience' (2017).  

A booklet of four stamps (€5.40) contains two 'N' stamps covering standard post within the island of Ireland and two 'W' for posting around the world. 

For fans of the band and of Irish design, there's also a range of specially created stamp collectibles including a First Day Cover envelope with an early photo (by Colm Henry) of the band performing at Dublin's Dandelion Market and a Souvenir Sheet featuring a special edition U2 360° Tour 'panorama' stamp set within a wider image (by Ralph Larmann) of the stage in London's Wembley Stadium.

Capturing the career of the band on the tiny canvas of a stamp required expert design and, with input from the band, An Post worked with U2's Creative Director Gavin Friday, as well as graphic designer Shaughn McGrath, to develop four concepts inspired by their album catalogue.  Each stamp has a different shape and range of print finishes to capture U2's evolution over four decades.
“In a year with so many restrictions,” said Adam, "it's fun to think that we can travel from our homes in Ireland to anywhere in the world, courtesy of An Post.”

Shaughn McGrath said that the stamps feel like a culmination of his work for U2.  "Each album has an icon that has come to represent its ideas and concepts.  In addition, each stamp has its own individual shape and together these act as a collective silhouette and a unique visual signature.”

The U2 stamp booklets are available from post offices nationwide and online at anpost.com/U2Specially designed First Day Cover envelopes and other stamp collectibles are available now in selected post offices nationwide and at anpost.com/U2.

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Recover Discover Joy
Once it was Time magazine cover. Now it's stamps. Place stamps up to forehead. Look in mirror. Elevate. Send to loved ones. Merry Christmas!
Beautiful stamps
It´s a great idea to honour U2´s extraordinary history with these unique stamps. They really represent important periods of their long career. Both shape and design are very beautiful and classy!
If the “fly on the wall” only knew how prophetic 20 years later the words of Elevation tour would become. Love love love you guys back to US Festival, SoCal. We can’t live without you. You all make a difference..
Licks & Locks
The act of writing and sending a letter is to pause time for a moment, especially for the receiver ...how beautiful to do it with a U2 stamp ...love the stamps and your locks, Adam!
Pink Elephants & Drew
Thanks for the great music lads. Had two opportunities in my life to say ‘hello’ but we Irish seem to just respect privacy. (And later secretly regret it). Once in the Pink Elephant and the other occasion when we all ended up in Ronnie Drew’s place because there was a party on. michimoto & gero27 did you get the stamps?
Something to look forward to
These stamps look really great, what an acknowledgement/ achievement to appear for the third time on Irish postage stamps - how cool is that?! Good to see you again Adam you look well
Something to look forward to
These stamps look really great, what an acknowledgement/ achievement to appear for the third time on Irish postage stamps - how cool is that?! Good to see you again Adam you look well
Gandalf the grey
Yess I knew it Gandalf is an U2 Fan !! You shall not pass ! PS love the stamps and Adam just kidding you look great as always
What a wonderful recognition from your home country. You must all be so very proud. Again congratulations. Lori.
From tokyo
Thant’s so nice. I’m looking for how I can purchase them in Japan.
Celebration Stamps
Great stamp design, how much to ship to US?
U2 Stamps
Nice collection, Joshua Tree is my favourite, My Christmas Cards will be send with Rock and Roll this year...
Still something new from our men this year!!!
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