'A Day In The Life Of The Edge'

15 Apr 202038

'A Day In The Life Of The Edge'

Miami, 2005, on the Vertigo Tour, and early one morning Bono breaks into Edge's hotel room. 

While he's still fast asleep.

He's here to shoot 'A Day In The Life Of The Edge' for Current TV but Edge doesn't want to be on the news.

Bono will not be dissuaded and spends the day trailing the guitarist from wake-up call to showtime, from beach to rigorous personal fitness regime. 

'I like to exercise once or twice... every four to eight weeks.' 

With more of us working from home and socially distancing, we'll be resurfacing special content from the depths of the site… and the length of the band’s career.

Enjoy watching… and  tell us what you think in the comments below.






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A Day With The Edge
Missed this first time round - made me laugh, I hope the lifeguard guy framed that guitar afterwards :) - cant imagine it ever sounded that good again after the Edge. Be safe everyone.
Great video
2 members of my favourite band in a funny video !! We need that kind of thing now.
I needed that kind of day ! Thanks !
"i don't want to be on the news, you want to be on the news !" Gosh, that's classic. No matter how many times i've seen it, still hilarious ! Thanks for the great idea! Plenty of awesome vids in U2.com depths to discover and rediscover !
Thank you
Love everything about this film. Two great men! Stay safe everyone.
Thank you
This is sooo funny, and heart warming. I have seen it before, and love it. Nice to see something to make me smile in these horrible times.
Blast from the past
Loved this the first time round. Great to see the humour here. More, please!
This was pure genius! So happy to watch it again. Excellent idea! Thanks!
Cinematic Masterpiece
Still the best thing ever. Please do another one sometime!
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