A Satellite of Love in Boston

12 Jul 2015

'Are we family here or not? Are we going to get out of control or not? 
We were and we did.'

'Whoo! Mad Drumming! Out Of CONTROL” tweeted @madfl3a & from the floor.  @bethandbono agreed: 'Best live performance of Out Of Control I’ve ever heard'.

'This has got to be one of the highest energy shows of the tour..' That was the verdict from @chrisleclere on twitter and he's been to a few. 

This was Boston, night two and as Bono put it, after a call and response version of I Will Follow, 'last night we had a great time but it turns out that it was just a warm up for tonight... 'cus we're in Boston, more Irish than any city in Ireland.'

Here's some of our highlights - if you were at the show or following online, add your own review or photo at the link below.

Groovy moves from Michelle, up on stage for Mysterious Ways, and then in charge of the global broadcast for Desire and  the Meerkat moment.  'If there’s any wall between ‘us’ and ‘them’, we want this technology to just take it away.. we are one and the same… these are our people… we are their people… we are one. And the same.'

Enter Brian, who looked the happiest kid on earth, hauled up to play guitar for Angel of Harlem. His beaming smile lit up the house - and at the end he couldn't quite believe it as, when Bono helping him off with the guitar, had a sudden thought. 'I might have to take that back young man… actually I’m not taking it back… it's for you.'

Special moment in Bad  and special memories, channelling the spirit of Lou Reed with a Walk On The Wild Side and a Satellite of Love. Remembering  this Saturday thirty years ago:
'We found ourselves on a stage, Wembley Stadium, in London, and … Live Aid. We played this song… we never got to finish our set…Lou Reed was watching the television that day… he heard us singing. That concert went on to save many lives… and gave us extra purpose as a band.'

Anyone predicting the set list last night... got it wrong. The band completely mixed it up. One closed the night, first time on tour it's been performed on three consecutive shows. 'Boston is singing One even louder tonight.' tweeted @atu2comsherry. ' Sorry night 1. This one’s cranked up to 11.'

Were you at the second show in Boston? What were your special moments? Post your own review and add your photos here.


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