'A Sense of Wonder'

31 Aug 20202

'A Sense of Wonder'

'Didn't I come to bring you a sense of wonder in the flame…'
Bono paying tribute to Van Morrison, still lifting a fiery vision on his 75th birthday.

And if you're in North America and tuning into U2-X Radio today, don't miss the Van Morrison birthday special at 4pm ET / 9pm UK.

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The One to Bring It
Bono, in my humble opinion, should do a spoken word record. He really reads well and his voice is still one of a kind in the reading. Jim Morrison did one, An American Prayer, so why should Bono not do one 'not to touch the earth/not to touch the sun'? I hope to do a spoken word record myself some day soon, broadcast from the moon. Those two, Jim and Bono, know their approach, their audience. It almost seems effortless for them. Years of good coffee? You can almost hear the grinding of the beans in the background. Who says a spoken word record doesn't have an aroma? That's amoré!!! (Or, amore, in Italian, without the accent mark). A sense of wonder.
Would love to hear Bono and Van together.
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