'It changed our lives...'

9 Jan 201710

'It changed our lives at the time and it continues to...'

Great conversation on RTÉ Radio 1 this morning as Adam talked with Ryan Tubridy about The Joshua Tree (then and now), politics (then and now) and bringing the new tour back home to 'Croker'.

‘Before The Joshua Tree we were a local band doing good that some people around the world knew about. After The Joshua Tree everyone knew about the band…'

Adam Clayton chats to Ryan Tubridy about U2's upcoming world tour

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Quite interesting
Little by little I am having 2nd thoughts of the Joshua Tree tour when I listen to the arguments from the band and it is comforting they have such a strong opinion of the sad issue of US lately. Unfortunately, the tickets are already gone. Fortunately, Adam is such a charmer nowadays always a joy to hear and watch.
Adam is awesome.....
Very great interview with wonderful, relaxed and very good questions....loved it!
Running to Stand Still in the GA Line!
YES!! I can't wait to see U2 (GA) again SFO, Tampa, and DC! America needs U2 right now. And yes, though we are ONE, and not the same, U2 has a magical way of uniting us all through music! Can't wait to hear Joshua Tree, but Running to Stand Still always had special meaning in my life....sometimes we run in circles, only to find once we can be still, then we can know. Looking forward to light and love and U2 music this summer!
You should add another show to the Rose Bowl please
I got mine 4GA cool my third U2 show cooooooool
Gerrard curran
I was at the Joshua tree tour 30years ago in Dublin, I was 15, and at every tour since, I'll be in Dublin in July, I can't wait, it's gonna be a BEAUTIFUL DAY.
I cannot get his style out of my DNA, this band is LEGENDARY! You're spot on about us in the USA! If I could afford it I would move out of here. I missed you 30 years ago, I will not missed you this time around. I almost died in 2007, if I have to be wheeled in!
Excited/overjoyed #U2Rocks
Static that I may have the opportunity to enjoy U2 the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 as i did in 1987 in Los Angeles. I was pregnant and very sober loving every tune. #U2Rocks
They changed my life completely...
The 4 irish guys changed my life ... and that of millions of other lives too! I need it like the air to breathe
Mister Adam the great one
Mister Adam the great one, U2 the way of life, my DNA, my Vision, my heart beat. It starts and the end but not at the "JOSHUA TREE" we love you all boys thanks from Holland
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