An A to Z of 'U22'

20 Dec 2011200
Paul McGuinness has seen the band play live more than anyone else.

From the most intimate Dublin club in the 1970's  to the biggest stages on the planet on U2360°,  Paul knows what it takes for a U2 live show to leave the ground ... and what tracks will send it into orbit.

So how would the band's manager take on the tricky task of choosing 22 tracks for 'U22' from the 46 on offer?  Here's his selection -  tell us what you think in the comments below. They're listed alphabetically - you might want to tell us how you'd sequence them in the show.  (Voting is now closed on 'U22'. We'll be publishing the results in the very near future... stay tuned.)

All I Want is You  
Beautiful Day
City of Blinding Lights
I'll go Crazy if I don't go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
In a Little While
I Still Haven't Found  
Miss Sarajevo
Moment of Surrender
Mysterious ways
One Tree Hill
Stuck in a moment
The Fly
The Unforgettable Fire
Ultra Violet
Unknown Caller
Until the end of the world
Walk on
Where the Streets Have No Name
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Exit/Gloria from joshua tree tour and How can you leave out Bullet the Blue Sky, best one is from zoo tour. Also love the running to stand still version from that tour. One, and Kite, and God, there are so many others. How about an ultimate collection of every song ever performed consistantly on tour! LOL
Missing essentials
No Pride? No With or Without You? The good classics are missing.
film of 360 2011
Guys, listening to the EBTTRT download from the tour, listening to Aak Toong from Q mag, listening to live tracks, listening to EBTTRT on bonus cd of Actung with great base, I close my eyes and it takes me back to Montreal saturday night, what a night, I relive all the time, I want more. Why not a new dvd of this second half of the tour. It was sooooo different to first half and Rose Bowl dvd. Come on guys lets have a dvd, from say Montreal??????
the best drums ever and fantastic opening I saw in more than 7 shows - I had always the HOPE would be included
OK, but am I only one who miss songs like PLEASE? In my opinion this was the last true period of U2 when songs meant somethin. Dont want to say, that other 3 album are nothing but I wish U2 are more courageous to make songs like PLEASE ! :)
RE to cant imagine
you are right: Even better than the real thing is absolutly necessary to get up in our list of all best live performance songs.
cant imagine
Cant imagine even better than the real thing not being on the Cd.That song started most of all the concerts and should be the beginning of the live CD.Just hearing major tom starting and seeing the band walk on stage still gives me chills. Id be disappointed if hold me thrill me kiss me kill me and the intro right before it ,didnt make the cd either.Still remember seeing bono all lit up swinging on the microphone when that song started
Chicago 9-12-09=Bad Nashville 7-2-11= All I want is you Two of the best moments on the tour for me!
I do not fully agree...
Where is Zooropa? Breathe? No Line On the Horizon? Get On Your Boots? Even Better Than the Real Thing? I Will Follow? Man...
I Like it.!!!!
I would have added Zooropa.. :-D
cant believe the unreleased aren't on it
the likes of Return Of The Stingray Guitar and would love Breathe also :(
Magnifacent? Thats gotta be on there... And yes Breathe as well... And make it 2 cds! Theres more than enough songs they have played on this tour.... Wake up dead man! aka Paul Mcguines.....
But no Zooropa??? I agree with an earlier post that called for a double CD. C'mon guys! Love these men and can't wait for more!!
Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
I agree with most of the list but I think that zooropa, stay, with or without you and I will follow should also be added. I was at the Rutherford, New Jersey concert and I loved the acoustic version of stay. Great night.
Nothing less than U22x2 will do.
I have been reading the comments on this regularly since it started and I agree with the many many many members who want a double CD release. I think it is pretty clear that everyone thinks all of the songs should be celebrated. Come on Mr.McGuinness....stop torturing yourself, and us and do it, PLEASE!
Nice try Paul!
The Unforgettable Fire One Tree Hill Walk on Moment of Surrender Bad All I Want is You Ultra Violet Stuck in a moment Until the end of the world I'll go Crazy if I don't go Crazy Tonight (Remix) City of Blinding Lights One Beautiful Day Unknown Caller Mysterious ways In a Little While Vertigo Stay I Still Haven't Found The Fly Where the Streets Have No Name Miss Sarajevo And in no particular order but should get a nod!! In God’s Country - Joshua Tree Running to Stand Still – Joshua Tree Zooropa - Zooropa Love is Blindness – Achtung Baby Ultraviolet - Achtung Baby Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own Magnificent – No Line On the Horizon Heartland – Rattle and Hum Surrender – WAR Angel Of Harlem - Rattle and Hum
Almost my list...
I guess this was more ore less what I voted for.. I miss magnificent and still doesn't understand why Original of the spieces wasn't on performed on this tour... I've been in 4 concerts and I enjoyed all of them.... U2 Forever!
U22 suggestion
why not make it U22x2 which means 44 songs from the tour so no one is sad ;P alibi: " U22+ deluxe cd" ;)
The suspense is killing me...
I'm dying to know what songs made the cut for U22 and when I will receive my copy. Can please update us? Thanks!
NLOTH goes missing
So much for NLOTH album, it almost vanished from the set list, glad I saw the show early.
is mis the song with or without you
Please read closely
I believe some readers here are interpreting this track list as THE actual CD. These are the McGuinness' choices for what he would have placed on the CD. Although I disagree with some of his choices myself, I'll be happy to have another great live U2 CD in my collection. This CD needs to reflect songs that separate this tour from the others.
So cruel
So Cruel is for me, the best song. Put it in the list!!!
Stick with the classics
Ive got a bone to pick with Sarajevo, crazy tonight remix; worst arrangement ever, and in a little while. Playlist much stronger with Real Thing, Out of Control, and Zooropa. Maybe even drop Vertigo and Stay for breathe and no line on the horizon. Can't wait to listen to it!
You did it!!
Paul is such a great guy, met him on Zooropa tour in Gemany and Austria and he did me a huge favour I will never forget. Great pick with all the tracks. Unfortunaltey we cant fit them all in there, 30 tracks would have been even better than the real thing.
When we saw the show at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Zooropa was awesome live, should be on the list. Aslo, Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me should be included
I think WOWY, Magnificent, and Electrical Storm should be on the list. I totally disagree with i'll go crazy(remix), it's hard for me to hate a U2 song but this is one song I do hate.
I'll go Crazy
That remix was the worst track of the tour. How the heck did it make it on to this CD?
Great job
I love this selection! I saw the band at FedEx in 2009 and at M &T in June 2011. They are so great! I love their music and love the symbolic nature of the music. When, I heard the song, stay in concert it made me cry a little, it was that moving. Zooropa was great! I also have their Rose Bowl DVD with some of the other songs! I wish zooropa, even better, and hold me, kill me, kiss me, thrill me was on their. But good job U2 fans! :)
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