'An extraordinary talent.'

6 Mar 2021

'An extraordinary talent.'

“What an honour to present Denise Chaila with the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year 2020 for ‘Go Bravely'. 

Go Bravely is one of the most talked-about Irish albums of recent months and Denise Chaila the stand-out artist in the country's thriving hip-hop scene. 'An extraordinary talent,' as Adam put it, after presenting her with last nights award.

Performing on the Limerick music scene since 2012, Chaila released her debut EP, Dual Citizenship in 2019 and featured in the series of 'Other Voices: Courage' remote performances last May.

Check out this NME profile ('What's special about the Irish hip-hop scene is that we own who we are') and this Late Late interview. 'I would regret the things that I do not say far more than I would regret anything that I do say.' 

And find Denise Chaila's music on Spotify

The Choice Award 2020 Album of the Year Shortlist: 
Bitch Falcon – Staring At Clocks 
Denise Chaila – Go Bravely 
Fontaines DC – A Hero's Death 
JyellowL – 2020 Division 
Roisin Murphy – Roisin Machine 
Nealo – All The Leaves Are Falling 
Pillow Queens – In Waiting 
Aibhe Reddy – Personal History 
Niamh Regan – Hemet 
Silverbacks – Fad 

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