'And love is not the easy thing…'

6 Oct 20206

'And love is not the easy thing…'

'I wonder if U2 can even imagine the number of people for whom this song is a personal anthem of freedom and survival…'

Walk On remastered in HD for the 20th anniversary reissue of All That You Can't Leave Behind.  Filmed in King's Cross in London in February 2001, and directed by Liz Friedlander.  


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Touching ode to freedom
With images of the band and small episodes played by actors this video generates a lot of emotion. The sequence of different people and also Bono tearing their shirts creates a strong moment of tension. I love seeing the diversity of characters populating the video. In the end the suitcase with the heart appears as a powerful symbol reminding us that love is the essential thing we should always take with us.
A Master Piece that creates interest
First off great image improvements. This song takes me back while in Afghanistan. I felt like blasting this song to all the oppressed from the evil rule of the taliban. Them lyrics just sums it up and takes me back for a little taste of hope for the villagers. And as a matter of fact I did play the song to some villagers and eyes lit up, and it didn't matter if the Lyric wasn't comprehensible or not. We had a translator. lol Wow, what a throw back, what a great memoir. I guarantee those villagers remember Walk On. just wanted to throw that out. Peace
A mazin g Son g of:
FREEDOM. .. ... 14:40. V-Hunter. Miss You Sugar.
What an improvement!
Wow, what an improvement those videos in HD!! So much detail. Looking out for the next video.
The year this was released I was going through some really bad tough times! This album & especially this song helped me so much in moving forward. It was/is still a struggle sometimes but I walk on.
Beautiful song
This song, no words can express how amazing this song is.
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