'As the Trucks Roll Out of Town...'

2 Aug 201153
'Three o clock in the morning as the trucks roll out of town..'

After two years and two months, U2360° came to a close in Moncton, Canada at the weekend.

This is 'Stay (Faraway, So Close)' from the final night.

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Thank you from my daughter and me!!!!
I took my 12 year old daughter to this show. I have to say she was probably the most out of control person there when it came to dancing singing and screaming for the entire show. I loved every aspect of the show and was blown away buy the attention to perfection. I want to thank you for choosing our little part of the world to conclude the most epic tour of all time. Hope to see you again in the future. For now everyone from the band all the way down to the road crew deserve a well earned break after the larger than life journey. Thanks for the memories for me and my daughter.
Normally it would be 3angels for my three boys,but my four irish boys r the exception. I saw the band on the 20th in Jersey, during which i have been able to reflect on the following since i have been a fan since I was 12: Graduated from middle school in the bronx moved to jersey and went tio high school went to college had my first real job in NYC got married then divorced two years later back to school for masters graduated got married again pre school teacher had my first son then 4 yrs later my twins divorced, single mom still teaching.....with all that always been a devoted U2 fan and their music has helped me get thru all these years of my life....luv u guys god bless hope to see u soon...my boys cant wait to see u con mucho <3 Lisi
Just watching that...
brought back memories of the shows I attended & brought tears to my eyes. It was a lovely ride, this tour. Thanks to the 4 lads from Ireland, as well as the hardest working crew around. We fans appreciate it more than you all will ever know. Cheers from Texas, Collectoraholic <3
Thank you U2 for great 360 tour ! it was magnificent ! I had opportunity to see only 3 shows 2010/2011 and somehow I feel very sad that there is no shows to wait anymore ! Take a good rest and we hope we see you soon on tour again !
Thanks for posting this
This was probably the most memorable part of the show for me. Not going to lie, I teared up a little during this part. Powerful stuff!
thank you for seeing us
Thank you, for coming to our corner of the globe. We all appreciate your presence and to have you boys here for the last concert on the largest tour is simply amazing and very honourable. My wife and I are still on the high from the concert on Saturday. We will miss you guys but I know we will see you soon. Jim and Jenn Stackhouse
"Strangely this feels like home..."
You guys are welcome to experience the hospitality of Atlantic Canada whenever you feel like a break. Believe me, there is no better place to be at ease with your families then this part of the world. The hospitality of Atlantic Canadiens is unsurpassed, worldwide !!!
U2 thanks again
Hey guys i just wanted to say that I saw you in Montreal on the 9th of July and I saw you in Moncton almost my backyard and I would love to say thanks and the two concerts were unique experiences that I will never forget in my life!!! I hope that you will be touring soon and I will be at more shows.. And again thanks for choosing the City of Moncton as a stop and it was a special day in Moncton and you will forever share a place in my heart and when you played Vertigo that made my show!!
Chow for now
Thank you and good night .. twas a good one :-)
Muchas gracias!
Gracias por tan grandioso espectáculo U2 es parte vital en mi vida, Stay es una canción muy especial para mi esposa y para mi.
Thanks for all the memories over the last 2 years, got to 10 shows on 2 continents and 6 countries and watched so many clips online, I hope the guys know they are so much more than just a rock band to the fans. Cant wait for next chapter in the epic story of U2 we will miss you guys too.
Wonderful Finale
It was such a privilege to be present in Moncton on Saturday night to witness this final show. "Stay" has been my favorite song throughout this time, and to hear it performed this way was very profound. Now the time has come to move on. Thank you, U2, for bringing such joy to my life! God has brought many blessings to me through you, and to the other fans as well. We love you!
Moncton thanks U2..
From Moncton...many many thanks for giving us this unforgettable experience...we`ll miss you..wishing you well and God Bless!
Love Ya
Thank you so much for all these breathless moments - I hope for many more to come.
holy cow
that was so moving. thank you a million times over, thank you.
Leaves town,
but never our hearts! Thank you, U2!
Greatest moment of my life
I saw U2 at the East Rutherford show. I am still there in spirit. When With or Without you was played my heart melted. My father passed away when I was 2 & I feel he is near me when I hear it. Thank you U2 for teaching me how to love & showing the world that it CAN in fact take ONE person to change the world & make a difference.
Gracias por darnos una vida maravillosa chicos!
An amazing tour, time for a well earned rest, thankyou for the music and the message, dont Stay Faraway for too long.
Stay......so close,please
I guess all good things have to come to an end... I got all choked up watching that. Thank you, U2 for your gift of your music to the world. Barbjahnz
If U2 could stay with us
The beautiful sound of Edge;s acoustic guitar created such an intimate feeling. With Bono changing the lyrics of the last verse, this song was a wonderful and moving way to finish this incredible 360 Tour. I wish U2 much, much luck and success for the future! And may they relax and enjoy their precious time with their families and friends!
A lot of emotions in a lot of shows...thx for the music boys!
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