Band of the Year, Spin

4 Dec 2001
U2 Are Named Band Of the Year in the January 2002 edition of Spin Magazine.

'We're working on what we're gonna do next to consolidate what we've achieved,' explains Larry in the January edition of Spin Magazine. 'We'll continue on and screw up and maybe fail and then we'll get back up again. But it means a different thing now, because there's nobody out there doing this. 'I love the new REM record and I love Radiohead, Pearl Jam - these people are our contemporaries and I want them with us and I believe it will happen - it's just that this is our moment and maybe next year it will be somebody else's.'

Larry, Edge, Adam and Bono are all interviewed in the January 2002 edition of Spin, to mark the magazine making them their 'Band of the Year 2001'.

Adam: 'With this record we took the attitude that the business had changed an awful lot and we knew we couldn't just do the things that we relied on 15 or 20 years ago. So we did TV, we did TRL and we enjoyed doing that.'

Edge: 'I think complacency is really the thing you have to watch out for, the assumption that just because you had one successful record that you suddenly think it's easy (laughs). Every time we go into the studio to make a record, it's the same intensely difficult process. I think if you go in knowing that, it helps. We've survived a few less-than-perfect endeavours, be they albums or tours or whatever, whereas maybe for other groups that might completely destroy them as a band.'

Bono: 'I am so proud of the work along the way, of an album like Zooropa and that tour. We took our position as far as any band that was big in the mainstream ever had and I am really proud of that. I always wanted to follow a band that would really push it like Bowie used to do and I think we've done that. But we didn't push so far that there were only a few people left in the room.'

Full interview in Spin Magazine January 2002.

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