Beautiful Night in Barcelona

9 Oct 2015

'You're on the road but you've got no destination
You're in the mud, in the maze of her imagination
You love this town even if it doesn't ring true
You've been all over and it's been all over you...'

As fresh as ever, Beautiful Day, fifteen years to the day since release. Pretty great show again tonight and as Bono put it, 'We love your city, we love your country...

Felt like the feeling was mutual right from the get go.

'This is great, we should do this every Friday night... We can be like the house band in Palau Sant Jordi... every Friday night.
'We've been getting out and about in your home town, some eating, some drinking… and then some repenting for the drinking at Sagrada Família. That was a beautiful church to have been in... spectacular.'

Also some cycling into the country, along the beach… and some watching of the football, as Ireland qualified for next year's European championships, beating Germany, the World Cup holders. 'A very historic event happened… and we had to go back to the pub.'

Something extra special about Invisible tonight, the way the show kicks off again, how you don't know where the band are playing from… until they become visible.

'I know I've said it before,' tweeted @AllyahsWorld, about to say it again, 'But seriously, I am crazy in love with Invisible!! It's just written so beautifully. Right?'
And 'Those house lights,' added @ClaytonsKitten, 'The feeling never fails to move me. I AM NOT INVISIBLE I AM HERE.'

Wearing a tinsel halo, an 'angel of Barcelona' was up on stage for Mysterious Ways and to send Desire out around the universe. 'All this technology so we can get close to our people.'

And then a surprise.  'OK Edge, what do you want now?' Ok, we don't play this one every night...'
'Whoa,' noted @AlwaysU2, 'The Lads bust out Volcano for Barcelona!' 

And Bono becomes one with the audience, crowd-surfing along the i stage.

Back after 9 shows, and only the third time in Europe, that's its tenth performance since release on Songs of Innocence - including a TV debut for Later With Jools Holland.  (Thanks @U2gigs). 

Not to forget 'Bullet', The Edge channelling something even more powerful than usual.

'The Edge, in "Bullet", transforms himself into a heavy metal guitarist...What a sound.' (@U2Memes)

'Edge's guitar at the end of Bullet,' added @rossgperry,  'Has sooo much atmosphere!'

Bono noticed: 'What is going on with The Edge - that was pretty special.'

Did we say it was fifteen years to the day since Beautiful Day first arrived?  That's a song that never stops giving. 

Maybe you agree?  If you were at the show tonight, add your own comments and post your  photos here.


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