Was special for several reasons tonight: we had one of the loudest audiences of the tour, we had the Crown Prince of Denmark, we had supermodels and we had Snow Patrol in the house.(It felt a bit like a reunion, after all the shows they joined us for in 2009.)

The Return of the Stingray Guitar is proving an inspired way to open the show followed by Beautiful Day and, like Glastonbury, the other new song embedding itself in the set list, it's getting a sensational reception.

Hard to match the reception for these words though: 'Thank you for having us back to your land of islands,' explained Bono. 'Always a thrill for us, not just because we have so many friends here but because you really are such generous people in your welcome to this band and in your support of the poor and vulnerable in far off places€¦'

'Plus we like the way your royals carry themselves - welcome to Crown Prince Frederik and Mary.'

Special mention also tonight to 'our friend and hero' Helena Christensen: 'She has been working tirelessly for the ONE campaign as well as the Chernobyl Children's Project... please let me, in front of her family, toast Helena.
'I mean, what is it with rock stars and supermodels? We've so much in common - tall, thin, good-looking€¦'

All the way to With or Without You this show was something else, and by then we had the band on stage with the audience singing to them. By the time we reached Moment of Surrender, no-one wanted to leave. Quite a night.

We'll leave it up to those of you who were at the show to tell us which tracks you thought were the stand-outs.

Were you there? Add your own review of the show and post your photos on our Tour Page.

And if you weren't there, check out the full set list, catch some video and see what everyone is saying about the first of two nights in Denmark.

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