Beep Beep! 4 days to go…

25 Sep 20234

Beep Beep! 4 days to go…


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Greetz from Holland
Good luck!! You guys are the best.
Can’t wait
Arriving tomorrow taking the whole family for my wife’s 50th birthday! Kids 1st show my 18th.
Sooooo Excited!!!
U2’s Achtung Baby record means so much to me. The record got me through a hard time when I was fifteen years old, and it’s getting me through developed spine and heart problems from the past month at forty seven years old. I swear that I am going to make it to the Sphere for my October 28 tickets! I’m gonna make it. I’ve been waiting for this anniversary recors tour most of my whole life!!!!
Tim Schulz
Oh yeah!
I have always wanted to see a U2 Trabant up close!! I can't wait to see everything!
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