Berlin On A Friday Night

25 Sep 2015

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'Last night was strong but I can see tonight is going to be even stronger,' said Bono, catching his breath after  The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone), Electric Co, Vertigo and I Will Follow.

'Berlin knows what to do on a Friday night.
Berlin knows what to do with the Irish cousins...'

And Berlin is also host to a special anniversary tonight, marked with respect to Herr Mullen, for 'making that great invitation to us, thirty nine years ago... wow!'

Bono returned to the theme introducing Every Breaking Wave.
'I saw that notice and I wanted to be in a band but I didn't think I could be but a friend of mine, Reggie Manuel, the Cocker Spaniel, talked me into it and took me to Larry Mullen's house on his motorbike.
Reggie Manuel, the Cocker Spaniel, is in Berlin tonight and I want to sing this song for him…'

Good to have Reggie in the house tonight and good to have another special guest appearance - underlining the Achtung Baby Berlin vibe in his slicked back hair, devil horns and gold lame suit, and grooving all the way down the stage for Mysterious Ways. 
'Wow Mr Macphisto, haven't seen him in a while...'

'Cool to see another Bono impersonator onstage, this time Mr. Macphisto!' posted @restlessmelody. 'That's awesome wish he was onstage longer, was fun to see.'

Great job by Eduardo, in his CoeXisT t-shirt, shooting Desire for the meerkat moment and soon we're into the spine-tingling sequence that is October, Bullet, Zooropa, Streets and Pride. Good point by @U2gigs: 'We creep ever closer to hearing October in October.'

Special intro to Beautiful Day, as Bono prepares to fly to New York.  'Well tonight, as we sing, as we pray, world leaders at the United Nations are adopting some new Global goals & it's a big deal' (@atu2)

There's a hint of Moment of Surrender as Beautiful Day ends - and it's another night in Berlin where we all surrendered to the music.

If you were at the second night in Berlin, tell us what it was like - add your own comments and photos here.


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