'Berlin, Oh Berlin'

18 Jul 200944
It was wet in Berlin today and the umbrellas were out on the stage but in the end they weren't needed for a hot, hot show. 'Berlin, oh Berlin' as Bono sang over With or Without You. (See the new clip on the home page)

Our highlights? (If you were there, add your own reviews at the bottom of the page)

Angel of Harlem in which three young men from the Czech Republic joined U2 on stage, assisting Larry on drums and playing Bono's green Gretsch guitar.

A special introduction for One, which was made in this city nineteen years ago. 'A song we wrote here in this city/ Means a lot to many different people/ The gay community/ Means a lot to lovers..'

Treat to hear an acoustic version of Stay (Far Away So Close), a track originally born in those Berlin sessions but actually written when long-time German friend and director Wim Wenders wanted a song for his film Far Away So Close. (Wim was here tonight too).

Nelson Mandela was 91 today. 'We might sing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela.' No further encouragement necessary, the entire stadium erupting in a rousing chorus which they probably heard in South Africa.

During Moment of Surrender Bono paid special thanks to the magnificent 360 touring crew and added a tribute to those involved in the tragic accident on the Madonna tour in Marseilles earlier in the week. 'This goes out to the Madonna crew.. and to the good lady as well.'

So there's a few highlights from Berlin, city of Achtung Baby, and here's what the band played tonight. But how was the show for you?

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
Mysterious Ways
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Angel of Harlem
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding LIghts
I'll Go Crazy (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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Der Himmel über Berlin ist blau
It's been an AMAZING HOT show, thank you guys and also thanks to the groovy audience!! The connection between band and audience was especially strong - yeah, LOVE was in the house! I'm still impressed. Also great that this tour's setlist includes The Unforgettable Fire and Ultra Violet!! Berlin loves U2. :) Take care everyone.
Stay With Stay!!
Finally! We get "Stay" thank you so much for playing this one again guys, I love this song. Danke
Amazing show!
Thanks a lot for this incredible evening!!! You really rocked Berlin! I particularly liked "I'll go crazy"
Thanks to all of you!
It was a really fantastic show and you guys had so much power to play that wonderful pure rock & roll. Great mix of songs you had - especially "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" and "Pride". Keep your power and vitality - take care, God bless you!
We went CRAZY in Berlin
Unbelivable show,yesterday.I`m a lucky one,who was there.The crowd was in a really,really great mood,I never expected it,that way.Thanks U2 for driving Berlin CRAZY;for playing Stay;for Bonos magnificent voice and for the many Ohhhohhh,Ohoh,Oooohhhhhhh`s. Keep on Ohhhohhho!
Thank you
Bono, Adam, Larry and The Edge, thank you for this unbelievable experience with you on the stage. We'll never forget it. You're the best!
Great moment for all Czech fans!!!
I was on my first concert here in Berlin and I am very happy..becouse it was unbelievable....Thank you U2...Great night, great show, great music...WONDERFULL!!!!!
Sparks of vibes in Berlin
I was in Milan, on the first day venue, and I was here at Olympia Stadion, last night. As expected, the concert was wonderful! I actually preferred the Concert in Berlin, than the one in Milan. 29 Songs (medley included), almost no breaks! - Bono did not need to press any First Minister about G8, this time ;-). It´s clear, that they are now totally "accustomed" with the new stage. It´s also stated, how strong the Feeling connecting Band, and Berlin is. Particularly (possibly ;-))´"Misterious Ways", with all the arms of us, waving with the song as a friendful vibing See;"Magnificent", in a fullfilled magnificent historical stadium digged on the ground (was, maybe, Jesse Owens, an "Angel of Harlem" too..? Yes it was.); and... my favourite song "Stay", the masterpiece for Wenders, played by Bono and Edge only, to more than 90,000 people, touched by a sort of magical electricity. I´m Italian, but I fell in love to this song, to that second chapter film, to this incredible City. Actually, I suggested this song to you some days ago, they would have played it anyway... but I like thinking that I deserve a bit on this choosing. Danke/Grazie/Thanks for every good vibe as always, U2 Year have knocked on the door and do that, but you will stay the same. ;-)
3 young Czechs played Angel Of Harlem
My friends went to show with trasnparents - they know to play this song. So great moment for all Czech fans in the stadium, I hope all Germans enjoy it..and I would like to thank Germans for that!
YES! Keep playing more Achtung songs, mysterious ways sounds amazing live.
Hello guys!!! Well, I was there last night and it was just amazing... I´m from Brazil, and I enjoy a lot live concerts. I´ve never seen, so far, the german audience so exited, so full of energy, so conected, like they were last night. Stay was a surprise for me (didn´t expected) and I would include as a Highlight, Pride (In The Name of Love)... I´t was beautiful. And the guys playng Angel of Harlem was just great! I realy like this kind of unexpected things... The stage was... was absolutely amazing!!! Great concert, great night... See you!
Ultraviolet...for the Encore..that is Awesome..Guys..keep busting out something new and exciting...
"Stay" was Great. Hope you keep it in your setlist. Oh yea, Bono's lavender shirt is a keeper. (smile) Take good care, debbie :)
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