Best of... the Noughties?

31 Dec 2009339

It's December 31st 2009, the end of a decade which saw the band release three studio albums.

The 'noughties' for U2 started with All That You Can't Leave Behind in 2000, then came How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb in 2004 and this year came No Line on The Horizon.

Was it a single release that became a global hit or an obscure album track that you think most people still haven't discovered?

Was it a track they've yet to play live or a song that no live show can now be complete without?

Was it something they wrote which doesn't feature on one of the three studio albums? (There's a handful of tracks like this... when you come to think of it.)

Your call. Tell us what was the ONE greatest piece of work the band created during the last decade... and in a couple of sentences tell us why.

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i cant say one only
The song is so gripping. It is so full of emotion, so full of love, and reaches everyone at some level. Who's to say where the wind will take us?
The album came out a month after my Mother lost her 26 month battle with pancreatic cancer. Upon first listen, Kite jumped out immediately. I don't know if Bono wrote this song while watching his father's battle, but it always reminds me of my Mom's courageous fight, and always will.
andy leach
its gotta be vertigo, one of the best live songs i have ever heard! for a slow song it has to be sometimes you can't make it on your own. Great song musically lyrically and vocally. If it was an early release it would have been called a 'classic' like 'with or without you' or 'One'.
This is hard one...
Wow, my favs, would be Original of the Species and Sometimes You Can't It On Your Own, and If I don't go crazy ... Why? These are threesongs that my daughter and I both share a love for and some kind of bond. Especially If I don't go crazy; we each have lines in the song we relate to and love singing it together. U2 has over this decade become a band that we share and is a kind of common ground...
How to pick one song from those. Well first the whole damn ATYCLB album is incredible, but I would have to go with Crumbs from your table. I was one of the lucky ones and heard it live in Detroit, right before they ended with Bad. That did it for me. Close behind is Stand up Comedy, hope they add that to the tour this year.
Best of the first decade...?? Hmmmm..
'WALK ON' had a significant inspiration to my personal life, through challenges and tough periods, the song always reminded me of not only it's message but how it inspired me to survive, move on, walk on. On a spiritual side, definitely 'MOMENT OF SURRENDER' brought out a great deal of emotion from within, a very powerful song with moving lyrics.
U2 Best of 2000-2010
In order of greatness: Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix) City of Blinding Lights Magnificent Beautiful Day Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own No Line On The Horizon Electrical Storm Walk On Unknown Caller Vertigo Love And Peace Or Else All Because Of You Original Of The Species The Ground Beneath Her Feet Breathe Window In The Sky Yahweh
Beautiful day...
After the flood all the colors came out. Galveston
Best of the Decade
My humble opinion No Line on the Horizon, I like to call "the Line" with all due respect, wails on its little brother & sister, the Bomb & atyclb like there's no tomorrow. This is the album i was looking for to come out after Pop!! I would hold up that there a five tracks off the Line that are better that every song off the two albums before it! And the best of those is The Title Cut the song nloth is the biggest, widest, deepest, loudest tune since any thing going back to Pop! I think all artists today are tring to make songs that move in and out and back into differnt styles in the same song, this tune is the height of that, the only one repeat of the first refrian is unusual and awsome, and I love the new world drumstick timing to start the tune is that siren, that seems to be not so loud or present live?, but either way this tune Rocks!!!!! Breath #2 for decade!!
Perfect trilogy
I thought but I can give a candidate, in general this was the decade in which I lived much closer to the band have spent the great events of my life and many songs have been present. Kite gave me the impetus after the death of a pillar of my life, I think City of blindignt lights so many smiles at any time, Breathe increases my respect for the band.
as you all know..
it's hard to choose one. I love Kite, there is just something in it. I saw U2 first time last summer in Gothenburg but I've loved them since the 80's. It was when I got Slane Castle, the subscribers cd, I used to listen to it, and still do, from my headphones. I just closed my eyes and imagined that I was in a U2 concert and every time Kite came, it was!!! I don't was when I listened to it I decided I Have To see U2 in concert. And I did what I have to do: now I have seen U2 in Sweden and I also went to NY last september to see the second show. That was something I cant never forget!! Now I have tickets to both shows here in Finland and maybe, just maybe they'll play Kite for me =)!! Love you all!!!!
Impossible to choose only one... i think Kite, City Of Blinding Lights and Unknown Caller are amazing!!!
Best Song
The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Just a thought...
Trying to pick something like this is like picking your favorite child! I can't wait to hear more. Happy New Year U2!
U2 3D
I know this isn't a song, though it is a collection of songs performed live (and a lot were from last decade). But U2 3D is the best thing that's happened to me so far. Thats of course until U2 360 comes to Sydney, Australia. I really really really hope it does. I haven't seen U2 live yet and it would certainly make my new decade, possibly my whole life :)
My Fav songs from the decade
I'd have to say my favourite U2 songs from the decade would have to be (in no order): Electrical Storm Beautiful Day Sometimes You Can't Make it on your Own I'll Go Crazy Cedars of Lebanon Stuck in a Moment
best songs
Favorite new song is "Magnificent", great lyrics, of course the guitars are totally amazing. Favorite older songs are at a minimum of two being "Vertigo" (best ring tone for a phone ever) and "Elevation" (amazing video with Angelina and the Edge) always makes me feel good when I'm having a bad day. See you again in Anaheim in June.
I keep reading everyone's responses and while I keep changing my mind (because When I look at the World, Blinding Lights and Kite are so Beautiful), i do keep going back to 'Original of the Species'... So simple, poignant, and lovely. Cheers for a wonderful new decade of Beautiful Days, and amazing music...
i think the best song of this decade was... (man i have to choose one??) well...i think the best songs were Elevation... Kite Crumbs from your table Vertigo Love and peace or else City of Blinding lights uuhhmm... did i say elevation?? One step closer!! i love that song!! Original of the species... and...Yahweh!! TAKE THIS MOUTH...GIVE IT A KISS!!! from no line on the horizon...ALL THE ALBUM IS JUST CRAZY !!! ALL SONGS OF NLOTH ARE BROOTAL!! love them... ************************* HEEY PLEASE U2! COME TO MEXICO!! WE LOVE YOU!! MY DAD AND ME LOVE YOU!! MY DAD HAS ALL U2 CDS AND SINGLES!! WE LOVE SINGING ON SUNDAYS NIGHT "40" PLEASEE!! MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO!! Estadio Azteca!!! PLEASEE!!!
Beautiful Day for sure!!!!
Beautiful Day ignited the insane U2 fanatic in me and I get goosebumps and way too emotional when I hear it live. It's lyrically stunning and the melody is even sweeter. And it's on me forever- I have "It's a beautiful day/ Don't let it get away" tattooed on my back and it's proof that U2 will follow me wherever I go. Here's to another decade of epic songs!!
So Many Choices...
Beautiful Day was awesome for it's uplifting message. Elevation was just plain elevating! Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own was very personal for me, having lost both of my parents during this decade. Get On Your Boots just rocks! It's so difficult to pick one U2 song that is the best...
Two words; One Sentence:
Walk on
This song proved to a whole new generation that U2 can still produce a truly great song. ranks as the song that is guaranteed to get everyone going live also, for that reason it edges out Pride as my all time fave U2 song.
I can wittle it down to 3. Live - Blinding Lights. Without a doubt. Studio - Kite. Easy. Essential U2 - Magnificent. Because they are.
Best Singles 2000-2010
Beautiful Day, City Of Blinding Lights, Original Of The Species, Magnificent
Stand-Up Comedy & Crumbs from the table
I think U2 should play Stand-Up Comedy & Crumbs from the table on the 2010 Tour. That would be amazing!! And Ultraviolet must still be at the setlist !!!!
This song from the latest album sounds like the old times. Magnificent is powerfull,too.
medium , rare and remastered
i know this was not a choice, but it has to be "medium, rare remastered" I think this is a u2 fan secret, and some of my most favorite work of the decade. I love it!
One for each
Can't do just about one from each album? ATUCLB: Walk On (Peace on Earth close second) HTBAAB: Vertigo (Their best rock song yet!) Horizon: Moment of Surrender (more magnificent than Magnificent! Did it in one take...brilliant!) Keep them coming guys!! :D
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