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29 Jan 201317
When you subscribe (or resubscribe) to as well as the 15 live tracks on Edge's Picks, the CD that comes inside the bespoke edition of 'From The Ground Up', you can also instantly download five bonus tracks.

You've been asking us where and when these tracks were recorded.

Maybe you were there...

Recorded at Estadio Anoeta, San Sebastian, 26th September 2010
Recorded at Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, 3rd August 2009
Recorded at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, 20th August 2009
Recorded at Subiaco Oval, Perth, 19th December 2010
Recorded at Stade de France, Paris, 12th July 2009
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No Line on Steel City
Finally! a live recording from a show I went to!! No Line On The Horizon in Sheffield. This one's for you Mike!
San Sebastian
I was defo there!!!
From the ground up
It has arrived today and it is very very a beautiful thing, i will read it joyfully!
The Rest....
A belated Xmas wish to those at Can we please have the remaining songs not voted onto U22 available for download.....C'mon, you can do it!
karl 20
wembley 2nd night 2009 was trully amazin bad new years day and i swear that the sky was blood red when the band did sunday bloody sunday the sheffield gig was on national network radio i rang in and said that the setlist was the same as wembley 1st night and said i was going to cardiff which i will always remember as i met paul mcguiness
What about a song from Toronto Shows
Would love to get a live version of any of the songs that were played at the Toronto shows - we were at all 3 shows. None of the songs made it on U22 or From the Ground Up! Wouldn't it be great if we could all order DVD's from any of the shows! Got my gift today! Awesome!
All 52 songs?
52 different songs were played during the U2360º tour. 22 + 1 bonus track are on U22. 15 + 5 bonus tracks are on From The Ground Up. We want the other 9 please!!!!
Desire in Perth
This was the Last show of the year before the Christmas break...A very relaxed set compared to the previous night... Both were great. Happy to now have MOS, Vertigo and Desire from Subiaco Oval
Thank You
I must be one of the last to receive my membership package - which after 3 years this is the best yet !
My OCD was driving me insane by not knowing the dates/venues of these tracks. Now maybe I can get some sleep!!
2 out of 5
First Angel of Harlem in Paris, second Pride in Gelsenkirchen. Can't wait to see the boy's back in action again. Loved the book, you have the best gifts thanks
More Please
All these tracks are great but we need Return of The Stingray Guitar
A Spaceship in a closed Arena
Yes, hearing "Pride" at the Soccer Stadium at Gelsenkirchen. It was the second Concert in Germany. Two Weeks after the Great Berlin Performance - and a long Weekend traveling far away from Home to see the Band - comes Gelsenkirchen ...only a few miles in the Neighborhood and with the Spirit of Berlin in the Head ....Pushed up with Snow Patrol again... Highest Emotion in this closed Hall, such a big growing Elevation. Remember the next Day... feels like that the Music is burning in my Brain. And plays again and again....and again..
I was at the Gelsenkirchen show when Pride was played in the Veltins Arena - I was stood gobsmacked in the Nordkurve for the whole show, amazing!!!!
i was there.
i was at don valley with my son, it was willie williams birthday, and everyone sang happy birthday.
I was there when they started playing Sp
Yes, I still remember when I was in the 2nd Red Zone at Anoeta stadium in Donostia / San Sebastian when they started playing Spanish Eyes. It was incredible and I'd like to be there again. I guess I won't get back there, but there is something that will not ever forget: that multicam DVD made thanks to the work of some fans and wich I can enjoy again and again...
Where's Cardiff??
I was at several of the shows on these various 360 releases but Cardiff was easily the best of the lot!! Where's Cardiff?!!? It included the best live versions of Stay and I Still Haven't Found I've ever heard in terms of band and fan interaction. And I've heard a few over the years!!
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