'Bright lights, bright city'

3 Aug 200938
The show is different when there's a roof overhead, just as it was in Amsterdam a couple weeks back. 'Like seeing a space station in a house, ' as someone put it tonight. Great music in this house as the show returns to Germany. 'Bright lights, bright city' as Bono puts it, before the opening bars of City of Blinding Lights.

Here's what they played tonight. Were you there ? Add your own highlights and mini-reviews below.

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of)
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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Only love can leave such a mark...
This was finally my very first U2 show, I've been U2 fan since childhood (I'm 23), and of course I couldn't have chosen a better tour with this awesome stage and the great atmosphere of this show, it fucking ROCKED, especially Vertigo, priceless here of course Edge's historic amplimfire blow up. Also loved him at the end of Stuck in a Moment, which was really beautiful in that accustic version, as were Streets, City of Blinding Lights,Unforgettable Fire, Edge's Unkown Caller solo and most of all Ultra Violet, Bono with his special light jacket and swinging microphone really added nicely too it. The new songs rocked great too, best one here of course Crazy Tonight, Larry made this song really awesome. Thank you so much Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono for this great great show, and a special thanks to Bono for pointing at me during Unknown Caller and giving me that great smile and looking at me again during the entire 2nd verse of Walk on. Please come back soon guys!
great, but...
A dream for my wife and me come true to see U2 live, after missing them in Sao Paulo 2006. Great choice of songs and my wife really started to cry. The stage was imposant, but for people like us, who had seats behind the stage the fire of the show didnt reached us, like it would have been sitting face to face to the band. so we felt little bit like just spectactors then being part of it all. But all in all it was one of my best days in life, great atmosphere and respect and thanks for everything guys!
Mexico in Gelsenkirchen
I came all the way from mexico city to this show and it was more than worth it!!! Elevation, unknown caller, vertigo (with edge's blow up haha), Streets, walk on, ultraviolet... I only missed bad and in a little while, but that's just another reason to see them again... And I hope that they will play miracle drug and some other songs from HTDAAB and from the early albums... Great show!
Gelsenkirchen was amazing
Best concert i ever seen !! The stage was amazing. I am proud to be a belgian !! The whole performance was outstanding !! The Edge blow up his amplifier for the first time in 30 years !! Funny !! The next tour i go to Dublin. See you in Dublin !! Kris "Rombibombi" from Belgium
3 shows in 4 nights!!!
Sweden was incredible both nights(as was opening night in Barcelona and a great show in Nice), but the roof in Gelsenkirchen really turned it up a notch, or maybe it was the crowd, or maybe it was both, whatever the "reason", it was AMAZING!!!!!! Let's see how Zagreb responds!
First U2 show for my son.
I am 42 and being a fan since 1983 and loving U2' albums all the time i went to the concert in Gelsenkirchen with my son, 15 years old. It was his first concert ever and he really enjoyed this evening with U2 in a great atmosphere in the arena. For me it was the 6th concert of U2 and i think i saw better ones before. Me and may friends wondered why the spark did not really jump over to the crowd. In my opinion there was not time enough to celebrate with the fans because of strict schedule for this day. What a pity!
What a night!
What a night, what a show!! U2 will always be the greatest rock n´roll band on this planet. My first concert was 1987. Thanks for this incomparable music over the last 20 years.
Gelsenkirchen was a great show, but it was too bad not to see any interaction between The Edge and Bono...what's going on? The last bit of the show could have been more powerful, we left with a bit of a dull feeling. It started with a BANG and it should have ended with a BANG!!! The setlist was great and the show was MAGNIFICENT!! And so was Snow Patrol!!!
This was an awesome show. Have been in Paris and Berlin. Paris was a great show in a fantastic city. Berlin was special, but Schalke was really a night to remember. For the first time in the first row and we got two times the thrilling unos, dos, tres, catorce. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
DANKE-for a wonderful show
...oh no, the good old amp is gone! Poor Edge, but...it made for part of the fun being at the show and seing the boys in such good spirits. I loved "Unforgettable Fire" and wondered whether I'd be able to catch Bono if he fell of the bridge...never mind...THANKS a lot for yet another unforgettable experience. Keep going strong, see you on the next tour! XXX
What a "Beautiful Day"
Thank you for this great performance!!!!!!! I'm so proud to introduce my two sons to your show. Whenever you'll be back in Gelsenkirchen: WE WILL BE THERE! Great show. Magnificent. Hopefully see you soon.
This was my first U2 concert and I'm still floating around a little. After so many years of listening to U2's music on cd my dream became true Monday night. Thanx a million!
25 years ago i saw my first U2 gig in Rotterdam Ahoy and now 20 years later i was able to attend the show in Gelsenkirchen. I was very pleased to see U2 in good spirit and i enjoyed the show. Highlights for me were 'the unforgettable fire' and 'Magnificent'. Hopefully they return next year and they will play 'Wire' which is one of my favourite. Please play more songs from former albums that arent performed live yet than the obvious 'sunday bloody sunday' although i know that hits are inevitable to please the major part of the audience....Many thanks!!
Really wonderfull!! This was again a night to remember. The acoustic Bono annd Edge duet :Stuck in a Moment: Unforgettable. Disco version of crazy tonight really cool! The live versions of the newly familiar songs from NLOTH absolutely great ! First U2 concert with all three of my daughters, this night will stay with us forever. Amsterdam clashed with vacation dates this year but the acoustic in this arena is really much better. Even the disastrous parkinglot-jam and resulting 3 hour sleep night cannot spoil the memory.
U2 I want to thank you for the amazing performance!This was my 3rd 360 show and I loved it! Come back and I will be there! My husbands first experience with U2 and he loved it!
Great I love them
Thx for this great show. First Berlin then yesterday in Gelsenkirchen. We were so happy to hear and rock Elevation... This is such a great live song. We clapped and rocked on ALL songs, but Elevation was so great. I loved Stuck in a moment and The Edge singing also solo...Hope to see U2 soon again....hope that we do not have to wait another 4 years again...
Please, please
What a wonderfull night in Gelsenkirchen! The whole performance was outstanding, aspecially 'Stuck in a moment' was superb!!! But,PLEASE,PLEASE, don't forget Belgium next year!
Thank you
After being very near to the stage with the shows in Amsterdam, we stood much further away. Now we saw how great the visual effects are. Especially with the unforgettable fire. Thanks again for the great shows. We'll see you again at August 14 in Wembley. This time near the stage again. That's the best place to be.
Lightbulbs swinging over my head
from my review elsewhere: "Highlights were seeing the band from upclose and watching Bono hanging over the bridge, Edge passing by and...Adam giving me a genuine 'wink' when Bono and he finished 'Streets'(I think it was 'Streets' though I could be mistaken...)! Obviously Edge blowing up his amp at Vertigo was priceless... because the re-start was done most powerfull. Edge, unfortunately, expirienced some more problems with his amplifier last night and - I guess - with his monitor and therefore resulting in a few flaws... Furthermore, the addition of 'Mensch' at the end of 'One' as 'Wunderschön'...! And the 360 encore (UV, WOWY & MOS) is amazing everytime and most joyous everytime...! The 'lightbulbs' are still 'swinging over my head'...! A great concert...once again!
Great Show... but...
I really enjoyed the Gelsenkirchen show yesterday. Fantastic lights and videoprojection. But the sound wasn't really that good. I was in the nearfield soundarea of the speakers from under the stage (4-5 meters away) and was getting a good portion of the line-arrays from top. But the sound was somewhat unclear and lacking of bass. Bono was sometimes hard to understand. I've been to many U2 shows since '92 - I nevers experienced a sound like yesterday. Anyway - U2 is alway kickin' ass!!! Amazing guys - Amazing !
28 Years your fan, and we've never shake
Hi Bono, I'm glad you have seen my sign. Unfortunately I was too far away, or your arm was too short. That's okay for me, it was great that you have noticed me at all. Thanks! The show was great. I'll be your fan for another 28 years...
Danke, thxs, dank je wel U2
This was our 3 concert, 2 x A'dam and yesterday evening Gelsenkirchen. 3 great Shows...the best for us was the second Night Amsterdam, but Gelsenkirchen/Veltins-Arena Auf Schalke...also absolutle perfect atmosphere, great accoustic, great show!! U2 rules :-) hope to see them next year again...hopefully Slane Castle Ireland!! Gr. Henri ....
Thank you U2, it was my first U2 gig and believe me it will not be the last !!! I loved everything, the show, the place, the crowd...as i said before it was just awesome. Thank you boy's
First Amsterdam, now Gelsenkirchen
The first show in Amsterdam was great, but this one was a 100 times better! It was awesome! New songs mixed with classics! Best show I have seen in years! The band really was into it! Hope to see them soon again!
Yesterday was my third concert of the spacejunk tour and it was awesome excellent :-) Even the setlist was better than in Milan or Berlin.Only song I Missed was Bad+In a little while! But one thing about the Organisators:it took us horrible 3 hours to drive out of the parkinglot .No police serving the huge traffic!How miserable is that for a town awaiting 75 thousands from all over the World!but the parkingfee was taken!But at joyfully we got elevated by u2!I Hope they release that Crazy-Remix!THX JB
3rd concert and still awesome
After being to Amsterdam twice this was the 3rd concert in line for me. It was a great night again !! Maybe it's time to change the last 3 songs (UV,whith or without you, moment of surrender). It's a pity to see the audience cool down. Rock it down 'till the end of the show!! Still Love you guys!
Thank you for everything
I was there too... I convince my dad to come with me a few months ago. We're from Belgium and we had a long journey but U2 worth it! Thank you for this great accoustic version of 'Stuck in a moment' it was so beautiful! I was so happy to hear 'Elevation'! It's one of my favourite! In fact, I love all your songs but I was looking forward to hear it live! It was my first U2 concert but not the last! Thank you for have given me so much joy during two hours, I'll never forget it Belgium loves U2 :-) See you next time
Reboot my self!
For me the second show. Sound was great! Better than Amsterdam. It was better than the real thing! U2, thanks for my summer full of U2 music. Albert from Holland, Groningen
Fantastic Concert
Oh what a wonderful night! The stage is really out of space. My highlight was "The Unforgettable Fire". Thx for the great show and please come back soon.
Just what I need right now!!!
I'm in a difficult period in my life right now getting treated for overcoming an early stage of cancer. U2's gig in Gelsenkirchen last night and in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago is just what I need right now. Adam, Bono, Larry and The Edge, thank you for bringing so much positive energy and love into this world. Your wonderful music and performance give me that extra energy boost which makes me believe in my healing. I love you guys so much!!! xxx
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