'City of the Love Train'

14 Jul 2011
'City of the love train, where are you gonna take us tonight?
Where you gonna take us on this warm summer night?'

About four or five songs into the show in Philly tonight, Bono recalled that the band haven't been here for some time.

'It’s been a while since we visited this great city, the city of brotherly and sisterly love, the city of Philadelphia Eagles,  the city of the Philadelphia Fliers, the city of Philadelphia cheese steaks…'

But where else would anyone want to be on a Thursday night in summertime? Nowhere as it turned out, but in this great city, 'where men would rather be hung for treason than give up on a crazy mad idea called America. 
'That’s right - this is not just a country, its an idea, we love that.'

Everybody here loved the idea  too.

'Wow! 'Thank you so much. Phil... A... Delphia!'

And as this remarkable journey which began way back in 2009 now heads into a final handful of shows, maybe the band too are sensing something special going on. Bono muses on what he calls 'a bond of unity' between 'this band and its audience.'
' It defies physical proximity, defies age, defies gravity... it's a special thing we've got going and we don't take it for granted.'
'What do you think Adam Clayton? Larry Mullen ? The Edge ?
'We're still a work in progress....'

'Still Haven't Found' becomes Stay, Beautiful Day and soon Philly is a City of Blinding Lights - a city home to some special people too, like the good folk of Clare Brothers, and like Bob Koch who's brought his 94 year old mother Eleanor  to the show  tonight.
'Goodnight Pennsylvania...'
Lights down and phones out for Moment of Surrender and 'one last thing we're going to do': a stadium-wide rendition of 'Happy Birthday to Madiba' - Nelson Mandela - 'this man means so much to us'.


10 May, 2022

On Bono’s birthday the news is out: he’s written a memoir to be published on 1 November 2022.

27 Apr, 2022

 Subscribers Special. 'One of the themes of this tour & album is uncertainty…' Propaganda 18, latest addition to our digital collection.

21 Apr, 2022

Coming April 23, 40th anniversary release on a limited edition 12" vinyl EP.

12 Apr, 2022

Edge, Bono and Gavin Friday among artists remembering Hal Willner.


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