Countdown Day 9

28 Jul 201020
The stage is rising and the hard hats are out in force.  In Turin, the U2 360° crew are transforming the Stadio Olimpico ready for opening night of the 2010 European tour... next Friday.

Second of our countdown clips.
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Yesterday they were testing the claw. With the webcam on the stadium you could see 'strange' colours. ;-) It's refreshing every five minutes.
f a n
i saw U2 last year, A'dam Arena, Netherlands. The show was terrific!! U2 is still superb!! my dad gave me once a tape in the eighties (under a blood red sky) and ever since i'm a fan. But i've got no money to travel the world ;-) i'll wait for the next show in the Netherlands within a few years. But i've got cd's, dvd's, books (Bono 50, U2 by U2, 1000x Bono etc etc etc) and the media!! Good luck !!! I will follow ;-)
One week!
Only one week and I'll shout again all your songs! Bono I would like to see you jump, run. I'll go crazy that night and I'm looking for friday 6th august. I love U.... 2!!! Sandra
Tervetuloa Helsinkiin
Hello U2! Wellcome to Helsinki. It has been a huge summer In Finland and you U2 boys will make it even better. So nice to see you all again! Bad luck for those who can't be with us. But in your harts you can all be there! JP
welcome back... have an awesome show u2!!!
Will we ever See Croke PK Again
A year ago just gone to the Day and a Fanatstic night Had at Croke Pk I wonder if we'll see another Night at Croke PK before the Tour ends For good, in the meantime it will be all eyes on for the updates and read what's goin on but would so love to see another show...
I know I'll Go Crazy....
My best friend just texted me that she was grocery shopping and having a rough time because her son with autism was having one of his more difficult moments ------ and "I know I'll Go Crazy If I Don;t Go Crazy Tonight" came on the music in the store ---- and she said they both sang it loudly and his episode stopped! :) Ahhh U2, Ain't NO DAY you can't improve !!! :) :) :)
Welcome Back
Can't wait to see you guys in Sevilha, Coimbra and again Coimbra :) ... Europe next year??? hehehehheh
Yeah...360 Foreplay for U2 sensory overload : ).
Is it true U2 will do Australia too?? I'm rhyming - woohoo.... and looking for a clue to which venue the '2' will do in this land of... true blue. *groan!!*
Sydney to Paris 4 U2 360
Ground control to major Tom....countdown is on! After seeing every tour the boys have made to Australia, we thought we'd share some of the European love....Paris here we come!!!!!!
Se ya in wienna
Hello boys it is nice to see you back on track. European leg is starting again and boys it is time to get on your boots!!
The Snake!
I remember laying that down!
the claw !!
the claw is back... Welcome back claw, we've been missing ya ;-)
Can't wait to see you guys in Paris!
Damn you Lucky Europeans....
Lucky Europeans, while us in North America face another long year w/o the boys, you get them next week. I envy all you who get to go.....have fun!!!!
Waiting for you
Waiting to see your beautiful faces in's always like the most beautiful dream.... thank you!!!! natasa
Couldn't see you guys in North America so we purchased tickets for Rome on October 8 which is by chance, my birthday!
360° Turin!
Oh guys, can you believe? only 1 WEEK!!! I love U2! waiting for Turin!! franciou2
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