Counting Down The Days

3 Nov 201937

Counting Down The Days

1 day to go...

2 days to go...

3 days to go...

4 days to go...

5 days to go…
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So excited! Leaving Los Angeles to Auckland for the sat 9th show. I noticed on IG from will not post spoilers from band rehearsal. That is a great idea element of surprise is nice. Gonna be amazing! I hope a new song will make a debut. Again going to be amazing and fun. Never been to NZ. It's on my bucket list, but to see these Irish Lads, cannot ask for more. Light the way!
4 3.2.1.
Hello, hello is there a live stream of this in my opinion magnificant concert. Have a good time over there without Me! Love and light my way. Vertigo Hunter. Miss You Sugar. .. ... 4:14.40.
I’m looking forward to see you in Tokyo!
Great to hear from the band again! It's been a hear since the last last concerts... I will not be there, but I will follow every step next weeks! Hopefully this tour will deliver new inspirements for a NEW album soon. Have fun down under!!!!
What a shame to live so far from there... How I wish I could go to any of the shows! PS: if someone who comes to the concerts has a private plane and passes near my house... I will be happy to accompany you haha :D
The size!
I can't believe how big the size of the stage and screen are. Can't wait!
Rima, Wha, Toru, Rua, Tahi!!!
Saw the lights of the stadium from North Auckland last night. Counting down in te reo Maori!. This will be my fifth U2 concert in Auckland. Can't wait. Be so epic to meet you guys and say thanks for the music I've connected with so much. See you on Friday!!
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