'Crowd is gathered in black and white...'

26 Nov 201232
New Year's Day  is one of 15 tracks on Edge's Picks, a limited-edition live CD that comes with From The Ground Up:U2.com Music Edition.

Here's what it was like at Croke Park, Dublin in July 2009. Remember it ?

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Family occasion
We were there, my wife and I and our 8 and 6 year old sons. I'd never seen my very shy 8 year old have such a fantastic time. The 6 year old is now almost 10 and still complains that the set didn't contain anything from POP. We had a memorable time in the company of not just the band but the really cool fans. Next time you're in Dublin boys, don't forget to play something from POP for my youngest, and don't leave it too long!
I was there. Rail. Adam's side with an Aussie, Canadian and Swiss group of gals. A night.
Great show
I flew from Philly to Dublin to see all three shows. The second show on July 25th, was my 29th birthday and the best birthday party I've ever had. Thank you U2 for a great birthday. NYD was played in the July 27th show FYI.
All shows seen
I saw all the three shows at Croker and it was an amazing experienc. I can`t wait too long to get new stuff from Dublin. When will it happen?
Bucket List
I wasn;t there in Dublin ...wish I had been. I went to the 2 concerts in New Zealand - awesome, words can't do them justice. It is number one on my bucket list to see U2 play in concert in Dublin, so hopefully next time I will be there to experience the magic. Love you guys
Three times Croke Park
I was in Dublin for all three shows in July 2009. A great experience.
by the skin of our teeth
wasn't there for this show but for the first Dublin show. After missing the flight from NC to Dublin, getting on with two stand-bys in Philly and Gatwick, we arrived in Dublin and Croke Park after Glasvegas and just before the main event. whew! and what a show. Capped a history of seeing the band since 1985.
What great shows U2 put on in Dublin.I will never forget these gigs.Cant believe its 3 years ago. Come on U2 some new songs please!!!!
Great way to start our honeymoon
Best vacation ever. Got married on July 2, flew to Ireland on Wednesday 7/22/09, saw U2 at Croke on Friday and Saturday night, then cruised around Ireland, spending nights in Kilkenny, Kinsale, Kenmare, Dingle, Doolin, Sligo, Derry and Bushmills before heading back. Best trip of my life, easily! The Irish are a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with!
Was there 3 nights (from Mexico)
Went to Ireland for the 3 shows and also enjoy the beautiful green of the country. It was great meeting other fans from around the world who knew more than just "With or Without You" hahaha! Awesome atmosphere.
july 24 25
was there for the first two shows!!!
That's U2
New years day= U2 One of the best live song ever:) the highlight of a U2 show:) THX The Edge :) Greetings from Germany
Jon Dimick
This trip was a defining moment in my life. 20 years old, traveling international by myself, seeing the most influential band of my life. No one will ever understand what this band has done for me in my life. The ultimate Mecca for any U2 fan, hands down!
3 nights to remember
I'm so glad I had the chance to attend all three Dublin shows. They were something special and I will always remember them.
i was at all 3 nights in my hometown with my hometown boys
i went to the Dublin gigs they were fab. I was sat with two girls from Brazil who all the lyrics of most of the songs... well impressed.
ive been waiting 20 years to experience the" U2 concert " experience. Every time I saw them the crowd wasn't with the band or the band seemed a bit flat. ( everyone has an off day) So they have always been my band but I never understood the almost transcendental concerts that fans talk about. In Dublin 2009 they absolutely nailed it!!! The crowd was up for it the sound was perfect the band were on top form. Easily the best concert I have ever been to. Difficult to describe but has stayed with me and everyone who was at the Friday show still talk about as an almost mystical night. These people are not the sort of people to gush about a band but they do about that night. Playing in Dublin is a double edged sword (no pun intended) I think the band get a bit self conscious in bedgruging old Dublin. But that night that flew!!!
Yeah I was at all 3 - feel's like longer than 3 years... great to finally have a home town gig included in the selection now
Excellent tune
Can't wait....Thanks Edge
Magical nights
I was there !!
1st Time
It was my first time seeing U2 in Dublin. Travel from the US to see U2 there was worth three times the cost to gothere. Priceless!!!
Oh yeah!!!
Was there! 3 nights...a dream come true! ♥♥
Was there.....
....started my addiction through 360 seeing them in Dublin - what a show!
We need more of this
Yep, was there for the 3 nights. Fantastic way to spend a few evenings. Could do with a few next summer.......
acthung maybe
What a song , what a day...
Yeah I was there , hard to believe it was three years ago....
Can't wait for it to be shipped
Can't wait for the cd to be posted & I missed the home shows but caught the tour in Paris probaly their best live tour yet cant wait for the next tour
Geat song as usual in any concert and at home. Great musicians, thoughtful lyrics. No, I wasn't there, wish Mexico was closer to you guys...Anxious for receiving my gift, though
brendan roberts
It's true it's true
Wasn't there that night but was the next night.
Peter Nordsmark
Great pick
Great pick Edge. One of my absolute luved songs live.
Avion Espia
Best. Song. Ever.
Master Clayton Approves.
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