'Different languages but one U2'

1 Sep 200914
Alma Catel was the star of Bill Carter's award-winning 1995 documentary Miss Sarajevo. When the band returned to the region, for the show in Zagreb last month, we tracked down Alma to see how life has changed for her... and for this part of Europe.

In Part 1 Alma travels to the show and recalls Sarajevo during the siege.

In Part 2 we find Alma picking up her tickets, getting very nervous, reminiscing on U2's 1997 Sarajevo PopMart show... and, after all this time, meeting the band again. The show, she tells Bono, 'was almost as good as Sarajevo... but not quite.'

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come in sarajevo
come in sarajevo
lucky ones
I see what she means, I was feeling that excitement especially when I managed to buy the ticket just half an hour before the concert , then tricked security to let me go closer, then exchanged some vibes with Adam,then was observed by security guys (?), then after all felt - el-e-va-ted. Great show, I can just imagine how those guys in Sarajevo felt, back in 1997.
No one else like U2
Alma is not only a very courageous woman who survived a brutal war, but she is also very intelligent and insightful. She is also right about the fact that no one else but U2 could have brought people together like that. U2's music is full of joy and hope for the future, even when they sing and play about terrible things like war. Never underestimate the power of joy and what it can do to heal wounds.
Here's another Miss Sarajevo :)
U2 did an amazing thing back in '97. I remember how cheap the tickets were, despite living in a horrific economic conditions, each U2 fan could afford it. It's so hard to explain why this specific concert brings out so many emotions, unless you lived in Sarajevo during the seige. I did. I know how it feels. What feels even more great (if that's possible!), is the fact that U2 never forgot their Sarajevo.... :) Bono, thank you for mentioning my home, in Zagreb, second night....I felt so special :) And Alma....she's getting prettier every time I see her. She's a lucky girl, and obviously, she appreciates it. She an honourable ambassador of Sarajevo! I heard Bono's favorite U2 song is ''Miss Sarajevo''? Well, tell you what, if you guys ever wanted to make a documentary of a post-war Miss Sarajevo, call me :) Love and peace, or else !
The neaning of her name
Dear Alma, your name in Spanish means "SOUL", after this video there´s nbo more to explain about you and your name.
Beautiful Girl
Thoroughly enjoyed that. Alma is fabulous! The power that Music has over people never ceases to amaze. The Joy U2 have brought, so i think it is about time to mention the fact that "Tehran" would be another special venture for the band. C'mon U2, make our jaws drop again, and bring a camera crew. Some "free" concerts in different parts of Africa would be special too. China also beckons...it's time. Think of the young souls that need inspiration. Alma is the perfect example. Who will be the next Alma? You decide...x
Different opinion
She is wonderfol lady but i think that if u2 comes to Sarajevo once again i do not think that there will be the same energy or atmosphere that it was in 1997. In that time the war was going on and u2 . U2 did not care abuot the war they wanted to bring their energy to peapole who felt helpless . Now the things has changed and war is not going on. At least i hope they come to Latvia or other Baltic state countries on 2010 tour.U2 needs to go to places where they have not been before. Their show in london on august 15 th was amaizing!!!
special lady!
Really intresting lady! Shows that hope and new futures come out of tradgey. Nice to hear the Comments about you Guys, how you can make a difference.I Have seen U2 eight times and every time I am speechless. What would the world be without your Music.
I'm still crying after this film.......what a beautiful woman she became ...with a beautiful soul;she has a special energy which touches you right at heart! Long life to you Alma my best wishes!!!
Every day it amazes me how 4 men can have such an impact on millions of people, and how music brings change.  
U2 messages
Love this! Alma has spoken of what all U2 fans experience thru the lyrics of U2: messages of hope, faith, peace, love & taking care of one another. As I watched her,I got chills seeing her chatting it up with Bono & the Edge. Amazing, charming & REAL!!! 19 days & counting til U2 in Foxboro, MA!
A gift
Alma you seem to have a gift. Use it well. Seek what it is that seems to be calling you. Best of luck. Blessings and peace.
great one!
thanks for sharing, brings up a lot of emotions! cheers, bernhard
different languages but one U2
i had the same impression in the part .1 Miss Alma Catel is capable to catch the attention in full and to be the centre of the video. My best congrats for her story.
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