'Don't let it go out...'

27 Aug 201537

'Don't let it go out...'

Now on VEVO, the new video for 'Song For Someone', directed by acclaimed illustrator and photographer Matt Mahurin.



Reuniting U2's music and Mahurin's distinctive style - the two worked together on 1993's 'Love Is Blindness' - 'Song For Someone' is a visual meditation on one of the standout tracks from Songs Of Innocence. 

Rendered in a beautiful black and white palette and featuring a performance from Bono filmed earlier this year in Malibu, Mahurin's vision for 'Song For Someone' draws sharp parallels between song, inspiration and other forces of nature.

'Collaboration is a great part of the creative process,' said Matt, talking about working with the band again. 'And it has been a true joy to once again jump aboard the band's mission of music, mercy and mayhem.'

Mahurin's evocative take on 'Song For Someone' contrasts with Vincent Haycock's short film, starring Woody and Zoe Harrelson, which debuted July 9 on SundanceTV.

'Song For Someone' has been a highlight of the  iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, which resumes September 4 in Turin, Italy.

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Song For Someone
this song gets better every time that I hear it
Some memories are rare
Song for Someone
Amazing lyrics
song for someone
i love this song,again Bono's lyrics makes it an emotional song....love the part :"if there is a kiss i stole from your mouth"see you guys in October for 2 nights in Antwerp!!!soooo excited!!!!!
song for someone
This is a slow burner. Will be a classic in time. There is a light. Don't let it go out.
Fine quality once again
Looking forward to November 2nd London
When you find someone highly talented to work with you on a project, you are a royal flush.
U2 Keeps the Fine Arts Alive
As PATTTY mentions, Bono's gestures are an excellent fit throughout the video. Rembrandt is smiling down from Heaven at the magnificent use of a form of chiaroscuro. There is an overall melancholy to the video, as there is to the sound of the song itself. To sum it up simply, this is extremely well-created and I'll be viewing and listening many more times. Thank you yet again, U2. I will bet someone has said this before, but you're four-of-a-kind: four aces.
Video of 'Song For Someone'
Wonderful, touching, song and a great video to match it. I went to the two opening nights in Vancouver BC and loved it. So very much hoping that the band decides to release a concert DVD of this tour. I have every other available DVD concert, would love to add another to my collection. So enjoyable to watch all of them, and to watch the progression of the band as it goes through different phases but always, always, continue to amaze me with their creativity and talent. Will love you guys forever !
A song for all those who love U2
Beautiful song I'm looking forward to seeing you in Paris on 11 and 15 November for two concerts that will, I am sure, unforgettable. U2 the best band in concert.
Scary resemblance
Can't help but seeing the little lad found on Turkish beach yesterday when I look at the opening of this clip, can we turn "Song for Someone" into a song for all these poor people fleeing Syria, and wake up the world Bono?
Chicken skin
Here in Holland we say Chicken Skin. We will see you next wednesday in Ziggodome Amsterdam
Love you
Beautiful. Love you Bono!
Great everything
There is a light.....
Fantastic video to accompany such a beautiful emotional song. One of my favs most definitely. Cant wait for U2 to tour downunder... when though , that is the question? ;)
Always and Forever
A year ago I reconnected with someone very special the day this song/album was released. I was honored to be a light in his life during such dark times this year. We parted ways but watching this video was so powerful & peaceful at the same time I hope he finds his forever light is in heart Always. He is missed.
Much better!
Makes a lot more sense to be the video for this song compared to the first video. Love it!
Video for Someone
One of my fav songs from SOi. This video resumes what we feel while listening to the song. Amazing.
Awesome song and amazing video! Thanks U2 for being you.
Beautiful song
I love this song and Bono is faultless like ever!!!!<3
Eoin O\\\\\\\'Donnell
Brilliant video. Song for someone is becoming one of the most popular songs from the album. A song for the ages and a classic U2 song. Booked my ticket for London recently. Can't wait!
Love it. See you soon in Germany. Yeah Baby !!
I'll see 'U2 in Turin
Says it all ;-) Another inspiring video - Hi to U2 and all U2 friends all over the world ;-)
...is the light.
U2 go from strength to strength and this video is up their with the best and the song is so good to listen to.
What a great video! Powerful, beautiful…GREAT!
Beautiful !
My favorite video from the album, thus far. I will be re-watching it again and again.
LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I LOVE U2!!! Saw them four times on the USA leg recently and wish I could follow them around the world!! THEY ARE TRUE ARTISTS AND HAVE UNBELIEVABLE TALENT!!!!! They touch my soul and I can not get enough of their music!!! I listen to them everyday!! THANK YOU TO THE BAND AND ALL THE BEHIND THE SCENES PEOPLE!!!!!!
Beautiful video
Sometimes less is more...the perfect video for an amazing song. I loved it!
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