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15 Oct 2020208

Elevation Live: Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind!

We're streaming the full Elevation Show Live from Boston to celebrate the 20th anniversary re-release of All That You Can't Leave Behind. Join fans from around the world, on October 30th (6pm GMT/ 11 am PDT), as we come together to get Elevated!

This was 2001's Elevation Tour in Boston, Massachusetts when director Hamish Hamilton captured one of the band's great live performances. The show opened with an electric 'Elevation' and closed with 'Walk On' almost two hours later. An unforgettable night in a favourite Irish town. 

We want to hear from YOU during this very special 'Elevation Live Watch Party 2020' event.

We'll be running polls and competitions, our Zootopia team will be hosting live chat and Edge and Adam will answer your questions.
So what do you want to know?!

Post your questions for Edge and Adam in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #ATYCLB

We're collecting questions from today and throughout the next week. See you on October 30th… and never forget. 
The goal is soul!

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The best Adam in elevation? If not ... what song have you been on?
New guitar
Hi Adam & Edge, Bruce Springsteen told a story about how a gorgeous new guitar inspired songs on his new album, would this also work for you? Love, Anna
Gone in Boston 2001
Hi Edge, why did you kick your guitar after playing Gone in Boston 2001. I liked it, but it's really unusual for you.
I was at the staples center in November after the attacks. One of the best performances by you guys that I have seen. You brought joy and happiness to people at a time when we found it difficult to reach those emotions. What must have it been like for you all performing such meaningful songs about life and death at a time of such darkness?
Mr Sergio
Five times see you on live concerts, new reality is ruled the way we can enjoy a live performance, I have to say that I enjoy on streaming way is better to nothing and a iconic group like you is important to send a message to all your fans, that we are a live by performing a concert. Thanks for all that you have given us.
Live Music
Had the fortune of attending the 2 shows in Singapore in December last year - at that point Covid wasnt even a thing. How things have changed, U2 have always been innovators in the live music show world - any ideas on a Covid safe gig or live stream or acoustic set or ??????????
The Fly...
Adam and Edge, thank you for taking questions from the fans! I was wondering if you could discuss the process that you take when deciding to radically rework a song like The Fly, as you did for the Elevation tour. It's a lot different here than on the record as well as how it was previously played live. Any insight you can give into the process of re-interpreting older material would be great to hear about. Was in the front row in Boston back in 2001... sadly, just not the nights that were filmed!
OMG! I was at all of the Boston shows! Can't wait to see it! I just may be on it!
Music theory versus Instinct
You were a huge influence on my musical growth, so being a musician myself, I wonder how far did you go in studying music theory and stuff. Do you still try to educate in composing or you rather rely on your instinct and have more of a punk attitude towards song writing? Thank you, wish you more great songs to come.
How much fun was it on stage playing during the Elevation Tour? What was your most memorable experience whether it be on stage or places you visited while on tour? Oh and one more question--I saw you all live in Orlando at the Jai Alai Fronton on the first night of summer in 1983. (You all were part of what we called the college radio), will you ever come back and play CENTRAL FLORIDA? Us folks on the Space Coast have been treated like step kids always having to go to South or West Florida. I pray one more tour is you all. Sincerely and blessings to you and yours! Jan in Florida hanging on the beach on the Space Coast waiting for this to begin PS-I will catch a wave for you all.
Hello, Hello.....Hola Edge and Adam
Hello Guys: How would you describe the latinoamericana Fans and how comfortable do yo feel playing there? Big Hug for all of 4!!!!
What drives you to keep performing and writing & when’s the next album?
New album, new tour
Hi Edge and Adam, When are you planning a new album and a new tour , Vikram from Mumbai India
Edward Van Halen
Did you ever meet Eddie Van Halen? Although your music and his are quite different his constant experimentation and obsession with tone seems not that removed from Edge's inventiveness.
Polska wants U2 back & Any new music com
Hi Guys! Have great memories of the Elavation tour (saw it in Arnhem, The Netherlands). I am living in Poland now, so was wandering if you are already looking beyond Covid and making any plans for another tour?! And if so. PLEASE can you include Polska this time? I was at the last show here in 2009 (the 360 tour) with the white and red flag during New Years Day. The best U2 show I have attended in my life (of the 30 plus shows I have seen;-)). High time to visit the new national stadium in Warsaw! Feel free to contact me for some tips on the Warsaw nightlive;-)) Second question, with Covid keeping us all indoors, are you maybe finding some time and inspiration and working on some new music? And if so, when can we expect it to arrive? I don't mind it magiccaly arriving on my iPhone:D Take care guys and stay safe!!
Thank you for saying hi to my daughter (10 years) at the Lowry manchester 2018 soooo happpy xxx
Thanks for connecting with us this way Adam & Edge. Question for Adam: what's the most important lesson you've learned by realising your ambition and your success? Question for Edge: what's the most important lesson you've learned from a lifetime of sharing your talents with the world? Can't wait to see you in person again! Love xx
Fan for live
Sandra Ciere-Koolhaas #ATYCLB One of my favorite U2 albums, but I missed this show in Arnhem, on the first of August 2001! For a good reason, my premature born daughter finally came home safe and sound after 8 long week in the hospital after she was born. But ... I still regret not being able seeing it live! I remember the moment you played One and my brother called me to make me able to hear it. Breathtaking Beautiful. Is there any, any chance what so ever that you will play the show again? I will travel to Ireland if I must
The Albany Show
Thanks for the shout out to the Albany crowd before Kite. I was there that night and it was an incredible show. Who plays the piano on Stuck In a Moment? I just noticed it on the Boston recording.
A day in the life of U2
What does your day look like when you are not touring?
I love and treasure each and every U2 album, including #AYCLB, of course. But, I am also so intrigued by the songs Bono called “Psalms for the future” that we’re written for a project called ‘Songs of Ascent.’ As a rabbi who often uses U2 songs in synagogue like ‘Yahweh’ and ‘One,’ the prospect of some more rock and roll universal liturgy is very exciting.
State of Mind
So much strife in the world, you all have stood up for so many causes. Always fighting for others. How are the current events of racial unrest and protests in the US effected you?
MSG October 2001
What was it like playing the October 2001 MSG show- I was there and for me it goes down as one of the most incredible U2 shows I have ever seen - even beat Croke Park for me - which was a 2 x bucket list experience - (proud NY resident)
Music from another world
Your music is very inspiring and energizes me. how comes that moment of inspiration to create such good music. what was that best moment and the best song for you. #ATYCLB
Sydney Opera House
Have any of you had a look inside the Sydney Opera House in your spare time on tour?
Writing ATYCLB
Was there a big difference between writing previous albums (like POP, Zooropa) and ATYCLB? and if yes, how did this translate to playing the (bass) guitar parts? Thank you for the music guys! Cheers
Reappearance of the Gibson Explorer on A
Edge - What was it about the arrangement of Beautiful Day that led you to bring back the Gibson Explorer, the echo, and the Vox? What particular sound was missing from the guitars you were recording with at the time and what personality did the Explorer bring to that song? Anyways, I'm so glad you brought it back. Love all your sounds over the years. Listening to your music is a spiritual experience for me. P.S. - I'm rooting for a 30 year Achtung Baby anniversary tour in 2021 Thank you!
Elevation Live
Evening gents. Thank you for providing the musical backdrop to so many moments in the lives of your fans. If you could replay any gig/tour just as it happened which would you choose? And if you could watch yourselves from the crowd with the rest of us, which gig/tour would you most like to have watched. Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon. Alex
Question to Adam from an Irish (amatuer)
Hi Adam. What's your favourite bass line from All That You Can't Leave behind and how did you change your style of playing from what you did on the Pop album for example?
Achtung Baby
Hi Edge, how to play The Fly on acoustic guitar ?
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Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind! 

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