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15 Oct 2020171

Elevation Live: Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind!

We're streaming the full Elevation Show Live from Boston to celebrate the 20th anniversary re-release of All That You Can't Leave Behind. Join fans from around the world, on October 30th (6pm GMT/ 11 am PDT), as we come together to get Elevated!

This was 2001's Elevation Tour in Boston, Massachusetts when director Hamish Hamilton captured one of the band's great live performances. The show opened with an electric 'Elevation' and closed with 'Walk On' almost two hours later. An unforgettable night in a favourite Irish town. 

We want to hear from YOU during this very special 'Elevation Live Watch Party 2020' event.

We'll be running polls and competitions, our Zootopia team will be hosting live chat and Edge and Adam will answer your questions.
So what do you want to know?!

Post your questions for Edge and Adam in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #ATYCLB

We're collecting questions from today and throughout the next week. See you on October 30th… and never forget. 
The goal is soul!

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In A Little While
Is it true that In A Little While is one of the best songs that you have done?
Song to play live from ATYCLB
What song from ATYCLB does the band want to play live again? Obviously excluding the 4 singles..
20 years #ATYCLB
Hi Edge and Adam, rewinding 20 years what advice would you give your 20 years ago self and what 5 items would you put in a suitcase for your all that you cant leave behind travels :)
How was the Mumbai concert experience? I cried throughout (happy tears) But Elevation :P Also I Love 'Wild Honey'. No video for that?
The Wasp
Achtung Adam
Hi Adam. How often have hopeful paramours propositioned you by referencing your “dimensions” in the famed Anton Corbijn portrait on the Achtung Baby sleeve?
Most difficult song to play live
Which song from the album is the most difficult to play and which gets the best audience response, Elevation or Beautiful Day?
Your visit to Costa Rica
A lot of Costa Rican fans have had the opportunity to see you play in different countries in Europe and North America. I am sure that if you include COSTA RICA in your next tour it will be a complete success and unforgettable experience for U2 and for the fans. So, when are you going to include San Jose, CR in your tour??? 1000% positive you won’t regret it.
Question for the guys
How many instruments do you each own? Who plays the most different types of instruments? Thanks for many years of great music. Can't wait to hear more :) !
Elevation Tour "One"
Edge and Adam, Do you have any idea how much the post 9/11 tour rendition of "One" and "Streets" and the subsequent performance of "MLK" and "Streets" at the Super Bowl were possibly the single most healing acts of love given our nation? Thank you we will never forget what you did for us. Sincerely, Our America
#ATYCLB Questions
Dear Edge and Adam, I want to thank you for your music, is so helpful during this strange time. And thank you for your artist touch and for your human touch in everything you do. Adam, thank you for caring about the "mental health issues" topic. I think it's so important these days. Any advice? I miss U2 gigs so very much. Any chance to see a document from The Joshua Tree Tour "celebration"? Love from Florence, Italy
#ATYCLB - Adam and Edge, thank you so much for continuing to make great music and make this planet a better place to live! Congratulations on the anniversary of All That You Can't Leave Behind! A tremendous and underrated album. If I can have the neck to ask 3 questions , could you please tell me the answers to the following, Q1 Will Heartland ever be played live? (my favorite song, I'm sure the vocal would be a real gut buster for Bono live tho!) Q2 Forgive me for bringing up a sore point, but what was the issue at the end of Gone on the Live From Boston DVD? (I hope the Ricky survived!) Q3 Edge and Adam, of the songs you have recorded which one or couple are you most proud of? I wish the best of health and happiness to you and your families and I look forward to hearing from you! ....Songs of Ascent? Lets Go!!!
Question for Adam and Edge from Harriet-
Hi Adam and Edge, I’m 8 years old and I got to see you in Belfast when I was 6. I’m learning to play the guitar which I enjoy but sometimes I find it tricky. What was the trickiest part of your careers and how did you overcome it? I really enjoyed seeing you in concert and hope to see you again, lots of love Harriet-Grace
Next tout in Europe
Apologies if you have been asked this loads of times but when do you think the next European tour will be?
Hi guys. How do you remember the concert in Prague as part of the POPMART tour in 1997? Is there any reason why you didn't play in the Czech Republic then? Thank you and stay healthy boys.
Cover song
I love Bono’s voice and would love to hear his vocals on REM’s Everybody Hurts. Are there any songs you would like to cover and why?
Stage set up
I have attended 15 u2 concerts spanning a good few years now , great lighting , gimmicks and video walls , but I must say walking into the san siro ( milan)2009 on the 360 tour and seeing that staging blew my mind ,also in the stade de France (paris) just wondering if u2 members & willie williams are collaborating on anything to superceed that for any forthcoming stadium concerts
For me the best Irish band of all times!
It's good to know it's possible to see you soon through media, I miss you very much and wanted to share with you that my best memories when I was a teenager are dancing in Lima- Perú where I am from, you were in all parties and made us danced all night.. There were some rumours that you were playing in Lima in 2020, well not possible for now I guess and now I live in England so hope to see you live at some point. Please don't stop creating great music and amazing songs to deleite of all of your fans. Please take care and see you on the 30th of October!
Croke Park
You have probably played Croke Park more than many inter county GAA players So my question is Hurling or Football (of the Gaelic variety)?
Outstanding Reissue.
Just received my ATYCLB box set this morning, when you haven't heard something of this quality for a while you realise the brilliance of the group. No one can compare to these 4 men, U2 are the greatest.
Shout out for my mum
Not a question, but I wanted to shout out for my mum, who sadly passed away two weeks ago from covid. She was a big U2 fan, and was responsible for my aunty, and subsequently me, also becoming huge U2 fans. She love the Unforgettable Fire album, and we're playing MLK at her funeral. Coincidentally, her funeral is the 30th, so while I'm going to try to, I might not make the watch party. So this is my shout out for Julia, a retired nurse of 30 years, who loved U2.
Hello Adam and The Edge. Please tell me what did you think when you saw BONO got off the stage and walked over to fans while LIVE AID CONCERT 1985. You didn't realise that before, did you?
An interesting Question !
What is the place that the band want to perform and never have been there ! I could propose Athens under the Acropolis ! But I would like U2 answer!!
Toon return?
Hi lads..hope you are well and keeping safe in this crazy world of ours. Apart your performance on The Tube you last played in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1983. Do you think we will ever see you back in the capital city of NE England? Think what Big Jack Charlton did for your nation lol!! Here's hoping. Howay the lads x
2 questions for U
Since my first concert in Munich at the Joshua Tree Tour 1987 I am a great fan of you. Thanks for all the great songs and live moments at 7 concerts. Hope for many more of them. Here are my two questions for you: What about a live DVD or Blu-ray of the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 ? What about an unplugged album ? See you soon Ruediger
LA sports area debut show
Two things I remember about that show was 1- who I thought on the album cover Boy walked passed me on the floor during the show and made his way up on stage. Was that the Boy, if so who’s son was it? 2- it was the first time I saw a lead singer”Bono” jump into the crowd and surf while singing across the floor stage left and climbed up a sheet/ rope to the balcony and started waving a flag. Does anyone else remember this?
What's Next?
Hello from Orlando Florida fellas! Great to take a look and listen back ...can you give us a glimpse ahead ...what new vistas do you find yourselves drawn to these days?
The Edge
Eu sou sua fã, moro no sul do Brasil, na América do Sul. Numa cidade muito pequena e esquecida e tenho sonho real em lhe conhecer.
Thank you U2 and also
I use ur music to bond with my 15 years old son, as well as the normal teen music he listens to he also loves to listen to your music. He has been a fan for a while and I took him to his first U2 concert last year in Seoul. I also ask when will the DVD be available to purchase for the 2019 Joshua Tree tour. I especially would love to purchase the Seoul one. When will this be available?
The Joshua Tree 2017
I discovered U2 in 1987 at the age of 10! Have loved u guys ever since. I was ecstatic that I got to experience The Joshua Tree tour in 2017 since 1) it's my fave album if all time, 2) I was too young to see u guys back in '87 and 3) I am from Trinidad & Tobago and was not sure if u would ever visit the Caribbean for a concert. This was 2017 was the second time I saw U2; first time was 360 tour in 2009. U guys are always in my ❤️
Question for Adam
For your sixtieth birthday, U2.com had a thread to post our favorite bass lines you've given us over the years. Do you have a favorite one from All That You Can't Leave behind? Is there one which is more difficult to play than others? Which is your favorite to play live? Thank you for all these years, Sir.
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15 Oct, 2020

Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind! 

15 Oct, 2020

Four unique stamps from An Post, celebrating four decades of U2.

8 Oct, 2020

… and see it in HD.  Beautiful Day, now remastered.

7 Oct, 2020

A special release of the band's debut album as Boy reaches forty.


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