Even More Complete

8 Feb 2024

'Even More Complete'

Our 2024 gift for our subscribers is - as you already know, because we announced it last year -  Volume II of 'U2 The Complete Lyrics’.

This second large format book covers the years 1991 to 2023, a period which begins with The Fly and stretches all the way to Atomic City.

Including lyrics from nine albums - Achtung Baby to Songs of Surrender -  just like Volume I,  this one will also feature stories and reflection from band members and studio collaborators. As well as rare photos and maybe even some original drawings.

Design and editorial work is already underway and when we have more information on production and print times we’ll email all paid-up subscribers.

Meanwhile, if you haven't re-subscribed for the new year - or you're interested in becoming a subscriber -  all you need to know is here


18 Feb, 2024

Alexei Navalny: 'We must say his name.' 

17 Feb, 2024

Atomic City live from Las Vegas.

17 Feb, 2024

 Subscribers Special
Ever wondered how the band can hear themselves inside the sound of their own rock'n' roll show? Here's how.

16 Feb, 2024

'New Year's Eve' with U2:UV in Vegas.