17 Feb 201446
Premiere of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the band were in New York, performing 'Invisible' on top of 30 Rockefeller Center, chatting in the studio and delivering a beautiful acoustic version of 'Ordinary Love'.

Watch Invisible and Ordinary Love Performance

As Rolling Stone put it: 'The group played "Invisible," with a little help from the Rutgers University drumline on either side of drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. Bono came from the wings and pounded his fist into his hand, feeling pumped up to be playing for the intimate crowd. The aerial shots of the crowd jumping in such a small space made for one of the most dramatic U2 visuals since they played on a roof for 'Where The Streets have No Name.'

Did you catch the show? Let us know how it was for you, down in the comments? Here's some of the first reaction on Twitter.

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    I won't forget the kind fellow fan who swapped spots so I could be in front. Thank you!

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    Edge playing the beginning notes of "Stairway to Heaven", of course!

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    This native New Yorker and lifelong fan will never forget sharing the Top of the Rock with Bono, Adam, Larry and Edge. Thank you boys.

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    The "handing out of guitars" felt priceless to me. I knew something spectacular was about to happen....and it DID!

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    finely U2 is back, GREAAAT !!!!
    Bring on the new album and tour! Can't wait!!
    A. Klink
    Something was missing...
    ...in my life the recent years, but that hole is fixed now! U2 IS BACK, BABY! I've been watching the 'Fallon-tapes' over and over again and I'm loving every second of it. Bring on the tour! Greetings from Holland!
    Best Birthday Present Ever
    Enjoyed the band on Jimmy Fallon, what a great view of a great song....... Also my coffee cup demands to be filled...............Cheer's
    In awe!
    Ok, my Gods one more time nailed it!!! Yep, Where the Streets Have no Name marked a tendency of buildings and roofs. this one is truly magnificent I like the sky and my Gods in it!!!! Awesome playing and I wish I could get their new album now. But it takes time, I'm patient. Thank you for existing guys, thanks for your lyrics, love and music. By the way, those scarves rock!!!!!
    intro by the roots is a cover of a u2 de
    Incredible what i heard!! U2 intro while they were coming into the fallon studio was "tonight" u2 demo 1978 played by the roots, the band live in the studio.. AMAZING
    Let's go rocking' boys!!!
    You guys looked great! I actually fired up the old VHS, since I didn't have a high tech way to record the program. Both of the songs sounded amazing. If "Invisible" is a hint of the new album, I'm all the way onboard. And "Ordinary Love" Is a beautiful song worthy of it's recognition.
    Jo Van de Vreken
    Shout outs to "The Roots" who were backing up ons the acoustic version of Ordinary Love. Great stuff!
    Invisible - U2 at the top
    Beautiful performance, and Invisible Ordinary Love too!
    ahhhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh
    Our heroes are BACK!!!!!! and sooooooo HOT!
    So talented
    "It's good to be back " and they're back , putting themselves about promoting songs , teasing fans of what's to come ,,, bono looks excited & ready ,,,,
    That was G R E A T!!!
    Man, chills!!! Ordinary Love and Invisible are great songs! Glad the boys are back! I thought they were going to lift off from the rooftop.
    Wow wow @ wow
    Just watched both perfomances, just incredible, your U.K. Fan's are ready and waiting for you to tour over here PLEASE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Rockng the Rooftop
    Good thing they were on the roof for Invisible, because it would have just blown right off anyway if this performance had been inside! Well done, gents!
    OSCAR for U2
    Just seen U2's performance on YouTube. Invisible was incredible, Acoustic Ordinary Love was stunning!! Hope that the guys could make it this year. Haven't heard other nominated songs, but I don't care. Ordinary Love has to win.
    Fantastic performance of both songs!! Bono sounded fresh and incredible. The boys looked good and ready to tour!! Fallon and Smith were just blown away by their pure presence on the couch. Who wouldn't be!!! What a night!!!
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