Final Cut

19 Dec 201268
Print. Assemble. Dispatch. From The Ground Music Edition... is on the way.

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still waiting
Got my shipping confirmation but am still waiting. At this point I believe I'm driving my husband up the wall with my ever constant mailbox checking lol. Fingers crossed it is there when I check tonight!
US subscribers-have u received your copi
Just wondering if US subscribers have received their "from the ground up" packages yet? I live here in California and still waiting for mine to come.
Manic Morag
My copy of "From the Ground Up" arrived yesterday, and it made my year. Both the design and quality are incredible, and the music? Wow! From the very first listen I was transported back to Croke Park on those two incredible nights that I was there in July 2009. Thank you so, so much.
arrived yesterday :) here in UK. Always good but this is excellent, thanks U2. The cd sounds great too :D
Now I'm In!!
My husband treated me to a Subscription plus Bundle for Christmas . Had to break his heart on the other "thoughtful" gifts but this was the BEST GIFT EVER!!! He supports my love of U2 and knows how U2 and I are kindred spirits. I cannot wait to receive the books, cd's, etc. The 360 tour was my only chance over the last 25+ years to experience them live. I cried all night. So -- U22 and From The Ground Up will be extra special. Love and Peace.
From the Ground Up arrived today!
got my copy (very well packaged) earlier today. just wanted to say thanks to all involved for a great subscriber package this year (and last year as well). brings back memories of a great tour
Best gift !!
Today my book arrived in Kerkrade the netherlands. I have to say you have the best gifts !!. Fantastic book great CD which makes the collection of live tracks complete ( finally my concert can start with Breathe ). Have a great heathy and amazing 2013 ! John
Thanks to U2
This most recent gift from U2 is awesome. Just another example of how much the band cares about their fans. Thank you for a wonderful momento marking a true milestone in U2's history.
great new years gift!
i recieved mine today here in tampa florida. it was shipped from california. the pictures in this book are amazing! the cd sounds terrific! thank you for this great gift! hope everybody has a healthy and happy 2013 and new music from u2 in the new year!
Chris Tax Wanssum
It's in.
Today I received my package. Great book and an awesome CD. Go on!!!
When do I start to worry?
Still have yet to receive mine here in Kentucky - hoping it gets here soon! When should I start worrying? Anyone know where they shipped from?
making the new year bright
This is like watching "How it's Made" , but with better music! Can't wait to see it! U2 always has amazing photographs. I'm really excited about Edge's picks. He didn't let us down.
return..of...the..stringray..guiter new years eve download wuld be really fantastic :D
Your Blue Room!
Love this song! So GOOD! Great list Edge!
Better Packaging Please
Hi, Just received my shipment and unfortunately it was bent. I love you guys (obviously), but would sure love to ask for more solid protective packaging to ensure these great items that everyone works hard to design, prepare and pay for, actually arrive in one perfect piece. Same happened to me for my NLOTH Box Set. I sent it back twice but the cardboard separators inside the box set itself actual tore from the shipping. I suppose having it tossed here and there while en route was enough to rip the cardboard inside the box set. The weight of the CD and everything else moving around inside the box set was enough to rip it. Too bad because I paid a lot for it and now it's a damaged collectors piece. Anyway, not trying to sound like a jack. Just offering some feedback and sending in my wish list...hope it helps. btw - I'm loving U22 - thanks for putting it out! Sound quality is exceptional. I've been a fan for 25+ years and continue to love the music. Thanks for everything and happy holidays to everyone involved in the U2 machine. J
Bonus Michael Jackson too
Man in the Mirror and Don't stop till you get enough, thank you!!
Angel of Harlem
Now in your paid members account :)
From the ground up
receive it yesterday dec 22nd in s.california, went straight under the tree!
Can't wait! Wondering if anyone in Australia has receive theirs yet? I'm from Melbourne... Merry Christmas everyone!
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for this subscription offer. I look forward to hearing tracks like Breathe, which was a very powerful show opener of the 360 Tour. With Electrical Storm this cd will contain a magical rarity. I´m sure that both music and book will revive many memories of a wonderful sonic and visual experience. Hope to receive From The Ground Up soon.
e perfect gift to myself!!!!! You guys out did yourselves
can't wait!!!
i loved the tracks on u22 but these songs are like the greatest hits live for from the ground up! i can't wait!!!
Christina VG
A very nice Christmas present :-)
I did not receive it yet, but it's a perfect Christmas present for me, thanks U2 :-) :-)
Can't wait!
People are already getting theirs? Hmmm, maybe tomorrow. Of course the tracks are great, but I love U2 in print! 360 was such a vibrant visual experience.
Can't Wait for this!!!!
Yes, must be patient, but THIS is going to be one of the BEST gifts (IMO) of 2012. BRING IT ON!!!!!!
to those who have received From the Grou
Just wondering whereabouts in the world you are, those who have received your copies of From the Ground Up? Anxiously awaiting it's arrival in Canada.
is edge riding on santas sleigh to deliver personally in time for the 25th? happy Christmas everybody.
From The Ground Up!!!!!
Got mine today.....It's awesome!!!!!!!
would be great to have it for Xmas day.....
Edge's Blue Room
Would have liked to be in the room when Edge was deciding on 'which songs' from 'which nights' the selections would come from. These last 2 releases are fantastic for the fans. Thank you !!
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