Final Night In Stockholm

22 Sep 2015

'Everybody having a good time except you.
You were talking about the end of the world…'

Great final night in Sweden, with Until The End of the World among the highlights.

'Until The End Of The World never disappoints live’ as@winst0nw0lf tweeted.  'This song is my kind of drug,’ added @mafl3a 'UTEOTW means one thing. JUMP!'

This was the show we hadn’t expected, the night we didn’t know we’d be in Stockholm. But a great atmosphere as the gig opened, maybe a sense of relief that despite Sunday’s events, the show was still going on. And as I Will Follow came to a close, Bono picked up the theme.

'Well... we'd follow you anywhere. Thanks for following us to Tuesday night at the Globen  Look at you, you all came back.' 
A huge response from all around the arena to this.
'Very sorry for the ones who couldn't make it,  but you're here, thank you for being so cool on Sunday night.
You discover who people are in situations like that. We learnt that not only are you paying our wages but you're a very patient boss. We got an extra day in your city which we love...'

That went down pretty well too as the huge screens flickered into light for the first time and the band took us back to the northside of Dublin, via Iris, Cedarwood Road and Song for Someone.

@U2start noted the startling 'POP-like' visuals on Even Better Than The Real Thing, crowning them 'one of the best things in the show'.

Some seriously striking visuals on Adam again tonight, wearing his ABBA t-shirt to celebrate the country's most illustrious musical act. You never know what T-shirt Adam will be wearing, only that it will always look the height of style. (Want to wear one yourself? And get to a show? Check this out.)

Joachim had a sign in the audience suggesting he could play guitar. Bono took him at his word and it was no word of a lie - he was such a fine player for Angel Of Harlem that he qualified to keep the guitar. Result!

And after Beautiful Day had the whole house singing along, Bono described how humbled the band were by their Swedish audience. 
'And the way you treat the world outside Sweden… Europe needs to be more like Sweden.'
'Mother and Child Reunion’ goes out to Stefan from Dada Life.
Some discussion online about whether tonight - not last Thursday as we reported previously - was the actual 800th performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday. It was pretty sensational whatever. And further controversy about '40' - was tonight the 400th performance of this beautifully conceived psalm? Either way, little doubt that closing a show with 'Bad' followed by '40' comes close to the finest kind of show closer ever.

'Bad/40 probably is the best closure ever in @U2 History. ' posted @Noodles105 'I really love it. True @U2 spirit. Viva @U2'
'Bad -> 40.' said @anandadaydream. 'It's such a beautiful, beautiful thing.’ The 'ultimate closer' added @MariangelaVcc.

Were you at night four in Stockholm? Add your own review and post your photos here.


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