'Finding A Feeling'

1 Jul 20157

'Sometimes I write lyrics and then we try to find the music to express those lyrics but most of the time it's about finding a feeling first and then trying to express that feeling...'

Excellent 10-minute feature for Song Exploder, as host Hrishikesh Hirway talks to Bono and Edge about the origins of 'Cedarwood Road'.

'10 Cedarwood Road is the address of Bono’s childhood home in Dublin. For the U2 song “Cedarwood Road,” Bono looked back to his life there as a teenager, when skinhead culture seeped into his neighborhood via the Seven Towers, housing projects that were built around that time. In this episode,Bono traces the arc from those memories to the lyrics of “Cedarwood Road,” and The Edge breaks down the process of how the music was written, with the original demo and the isolated tracks from the final recording.'

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Another view
Amazing talk about Cedarwood Road. I will hear this song differently fron now on. Love it and the refferences for the buildings, Guggi anf Bono's feelings.
The Key song
Great & essential song to understand the being of the band. And with that interview we learn more about its creation process . It's a very interesting audio, congratulations for that. Thanks U2 staff.
A won friendship
Always love to know the recipes for the songs and can relate to finding a best friend as a child during an unsettled time, my best friend of over 40 years now holds special memories of back then, can't wait to see you at the O2!
United Center July2nd, Sec219, row 6 sea
Spoiler alert to those who haven't seen the visuals on this tour but they are fantastic. Couldn't wait to hear Cedarwood Road in Chicago, and captured this pic during the song with our four favorite U2 lads together as one - look close in the center and you can see Bono "walking along Cedarwood Road" within the visualization,.....as the song is played. Absolutely brilliant, we loved it, and all the visuals from this show.... not to mention the documentary here on how the song was put together. To hear The Edge and Bono describe how the song came to be just simply adds that additional spectrum to what makes this band great. Thank you for sharing this.
I love hearing how songs are made. Cedarwood Road is my favorite from Songs of Innocence.
Keep teaching :-)
I love how the composition process is explained so clearly here, and how you guys are openly sharing the collaborative techniques you use in your song creation processes. I know it probably seems so simple and common sense for you, but it really is a great illustration of how great art can be a highly technical and team driven activity, that includes keys aspects of individual ideas and work. Thanks so much for sharing. It is great learning for anyone interested in teamwork!
I see seven towers, but I see no way out
How fascinating, having grown up in a tower block and understanding how scary the environment could be, I could see my own 7 towers (and was enthralled when they, at least from my perspective, featured in a new song at the end of side 1.....Running to Stand Still). Over the last two years the experience in my “tower of terror”, in how it forged me has really come to the surface. So in context I am really looking forward to experience how Cedarwood Road comes to life at the O2 this October.
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